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How does SurePrep safeguard the security of my clients' data?
How do SurePrep's offshore staff stay current on US tax laws?
What are the advantages of outsourcing tax preparation with SurePrep?
How are SurePrep's services priced?
After I submit my clients' return, what do I get back from SurePrep?
Do I have control over my clients' files?
Why does SurePrep offer an offshore outsourcing option?
What do I tell my clients about who is preparing their return?
How do I communicate with SurePrep's staff?
How long will it take SurePrep to prepare my clients' tax returns?
Does SurePrep offer any ONshore Outsourcing options?
Is SPbinder integrated with 1040SCAN?
Can I create custom binder templates in SPbinder?
What file types can I save in SPbinder?
What kind of engagement types are appropriate for SPbinder?
How is SPbinder different from Adobe Acrobat?
Does using your software affect any client disclosure or consent requirements?
What type of support is provided?
Do I need training?
Is my clients' data ever viewed by anyone outside my firm?
Must I wait until I've received all of my client's source documents before submitting a job?
What scanner settings should I use?
What steps are involved in using 1040SCAN PRO?
Do I need to organize my source documents before scanning them?
What is the 1040SCAN PRO turn around time?
Can I test your solutions before purchasing?
What equipment do I need to use your software?
What tax software does 1040SCAN PRO integrate with?

Industry Experts Say...

From the CPA Practice Advisor's January 2013 review of Tax Document Automation Systems:

 "SurePrep pretty much invented the space known as tax workflow automation when 10 years ago they started offering tax professionals scan and organize solutions..."   read more

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