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Our mission is to build tax technology solutions that transform the tax and accounting industry and improve the lives of tax professionals, taxpayers, and SurePrep team members.

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Company overview

SurePrep LLC was founded in 2002. We are the leader in 1040 tax automation software and services. Our clients include CPA firms, wealth management firms, and other tax professionals that process 1040s. By emphasizing innovation, SurePrep provides the most comprehensive 1040 productivity solutions on the market. These include scan-and-populate with an optional OCR verification service, tax preparation outsourcing, advanced workpaper management software, and a mobile solution that eliminates the traditional tax organizer.

Our solutions are used by over 33,000 tax professionals at firms of all sizes, from three of the Big 4 to sole practitioners.

SurePrep’s software solutions are 1040SCAN, SPbinder and TaxCaddy. Our service solutions include both full and partial tax preparation outsourcing, available onshore and offshore.

SurePrep software and services help accounting firms increase productivity and profitability while promoting a completely digital tax workflow. Our solutions maximize automation to streamline the entire 1040 tax process for both tax professional and taxpayer. No other tax automation software vendor competes with SurePrep’s technological edge. Our technology is covered by numerous United States Patents, including United States Patent Numbers:

  • 7,454,371
  • 7,610,227
  • 7,636,886
  • 7,720,616
  • 7,769,646
  • 7,853,494
  • 8,321,311
  • 8,655,075
  • 8,775,408
  • 10,489,644
  • 10,489,645
  • 11,232,300
  • 11,238,540
  • 11,314,887
  • RE45,007
  • RE47,037

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