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On, members have access to high quality webinar presentations by thought leaders in the tax and accounting profession. is an easy-to-use platform for knowledge sharing and idea exchange. Experts can market and present up-to-date educational content, as well as developments important to the accounting profession. Individual CPAs can earn CPE credit for attending these webinars.

SafeSend Returns | SurePrep Partner

cPaperless/SafeSend Returns

cPaperless/SafeSend Returns is a long-term SurePrep partner. They provide easy-to-use software for CPAs that has redefined the way accounting firms assemble and deliver tax returns to their clients. SafeSend Returns, a cPaperless product, eliminates the manual postal delivery of tax returns prepared in CCH® Axcess™, CCH® ProSystem fx® and Thomson Reuters UltraTax CS®. SafeSend Returns is the winner of the 2016 and 2017 CPA Practice Advisor Magazine’s Technology Innovation award.

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Ledgible Tax Pro | SurePrep Partner

Ledgible Tax Pro

Taxable cryptocurrency transactions continue to increase in volume as adoption rises. The IRS reports that at least 8% of U.S. taxpayers have reportable activity in crypto, but that these gains/losses are not being properly reported. By moving virtual currency to page 1 of Form 1040, the IRS has signaled they will make cryptocurrency a top compliance and enforcement priority. Clients are looking to their tax professionals for guidance. This is why we created Ledgible Tax Pro: The Only Crypto Tax Platform Designed Specifically for Professionals.

Ledgible Tax Pro can get your client’s crypto tax reporting done in three easy steps:

  1. You invite your client to Ledgible’s SOC-audited platform
  2. Your client provides their crypto data through our user-friendly interface
  3. The auto-generated Form 8949 exports to SurePrep, which extracts the data and exports to your tax software.

It’s that simple. You don’t have to be a crypto expert to profit from new and existing crypto clients. With the Ledgible Partner Program, it’s free to sign up, free to get your clients started, and free to review. We only charge when you generate reports!

Thomson Reuters | SurePrep Partner

Thomson Reuters

SurePrep has a collaborative relationship with Thomson Reuters. Our solutions are designed to integrate with UltraTax CS®, part of the CS Professional Suite®. By sharing technical specs and data import schemas, we ensure that SurePrep’s products and services work seamlessly with UltraTax CS to provide an integrated workflow for our shared customers. This spirit of cooperation is why we are proud to call Thomson Reuters a SurePrep partner.

UltraTax® CS provides accountants with a comprehensive family of professional tax software products for boosting tax preparation efficiency. This individual and business tax software helps you save processing time and complete more returns.