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Tax team member spotlight

Meet the tax team behind SurePrep's award-winning 1040 tax automation solutions!

Team Members

Maxsim Egorov

QA Engineer

Diva Kapoor

Project Coordinator

Michelle Gonzales

Director of Administration

Sachin Kotekar

Customer Support Manager

Ashley Deeter

Account Executive

Cathy Foley

National Account Client Success Manager

Nazim Shaikh

Senior Technical Support Engineer

Andrew Breeding

Product Owner

Kasey Gallagher

Account Manager

Octavian Tomos

Account Executive

Darren Ohara

Salesforce Administrator

Doug Shawver

Business Development Representative

Tal Bjoraker

Lead UX/UI Designer

Annalise Hurst

Product Owner

Jerica Hernandez

National Account Success Manager

Alelie Arvizo

Quality Assurance Lead - TaxCaddy

Matt Rodriguez

Business Development Representative

Tin Le

QA Engineer

Lindsay Whittaker

Account Manager

Jonathan Schenk

Senior Instructional Designer

Leah Slaughter

Account Manager

Naomi Dentz

Client Success Associate