SurePrep provides solutions to 3 of the Big 4 accounting firms, over half the top 100, and thousands of small to mid-size firms and sole practitioners.

Our 1040 tax automation technology… 

  • Eliminates the need for data entry 
  • Standardizes workflows and workpapers 
  • Reduces review time 
  • Reduces workload compression 
  • Improves the client experience 
  • Increases profitability and realization rates 
  • Enables remote work 
  • Improves talent acquisition and retention 

This past year, we’ve helped many firms redesign their process to accommodate a 100% remote workflow. 1040 tax automation allows your entire team to collaborate from anywhere without sacrificing security, efficiency, or the client experience. 

The question is: Are SurePrep solutions right for your firm? 

Every company is different. Will SurePrep technology integrate with your tax software? Is it relevant to your unique goals? Should you be looking at a complete suite solution, or a targeted change? 

complimentary consultation with our sales team is a quick way to answer these questions, but sometimes you want to do your own research. That’s why we created our Fit Assessment: just answer 6 simple questions, and our automated system will generate a custom solutions report.

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