What kind of experience are you creating for your 1040 tax clients?

June 15, 2017


Late last year I had the pleasure of staying at one of Marriott’s “Mobile Key Equipped” hotels. The mobile key allows you to bypass the front desk completely by checking in with the Marriott mobile app and waving your phone next to your room door lock. Click, and you’re in. Every hotel I’ve stayed at since then has seemed antiquated. When I arrive at my hotel I want to get to my room as quickly as possible, unpack my bags and relax after a long travel day. Waiting in line at the front desk to present ID and credit card in exchange for a room key now feels like an unnecessary detour and delay. Thankfully, technology like Marriott’s Mobile Key will be ubiquitous in the hotel industry in just a couple of years. Hotels that don’t offer this kind of convenience will soon seem stuck in the past and suffer the consequences of a lesser guest experience.

For years, airlines have been using mobile technology to improve the travel experience for their customers. Mobile boarding passes eliminate the need to print at home or worse, wait in the ticket counter line.

What kind of experience are you creating for your 1040 clients? My CPA used to send me a 40-page paper organizer and in mid-January, I would walk to my mailbox to discover that massive, overstuffed envelope and I’d shudder. The paper organizer always felt like homework, only worse. For me, those days are over and they can be for your clients, too. TaxCaddy simplifies tax time for the taxpayer by automatically retrieving documents like 1099s, 1098s and W-2s. The questionnaire is completed at any time, from any device. The TaxCaddy app for iPhone and Android is used to photoscan paper documents as they’re received. Things like engagement letters and the e-file authorization are electronically signed from any PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone. TaxCaddy’s automated paperless tax process dramatically improves the client experience.

To learn more about TaxCaddy, download the Boomer Advantage Guide to Simplifying Tax Time.


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