Your TaxCaddy clients already enjoy the convenience of a mobile 1040 tax app for iOS and Android. Now you can too.

The new SurePrep mobile app for tax professionals lets you stay connected to your TaxCaddy clients even when you’re away from your office. Prior to the app, the only way to access TaxCaddy’s secure messaging system was to log into SurePrep’s FileRoom from a desktop or laptop. In our increasingly flexible work environment, we’re not always tethered to our desks. Now, you can access, read, and reply to client messages in seconds—from anywhere.

Overview tab - SurePrep mobile app for tax professionals

The SurePrep mobile app for tax professionals has an Overview tab that shows a list of the TaxCaddy clients you’re following. Clients with new pending messages pending float to the top with clear alert icons.

Messages tab - SurePrep mobile app for tax professionals

Tapping the client’s name reveals a list of all message threads. Messages related to specific documents are clearly labeled and contain a direct link to view the document in-app.

Documents tab - SurePrep mobile app for tax professionals

Switch over to the Documents tab to see a client’s Document Request List. Easy color coding identifies which documents still need to be reviewed, signed, or uploaded. You can open documents securely in the built-in Document Viewer.

The SurePrep mobile app for tax professionals is independently audited, tested, and validated by C-Level Security, LLC and verified to use only the strictest security measures to safeguard your clients’ data. Lock access to the app with a PIN or a biometric reading (fingerprint, Face ID, etc.) the way you would your phone.

Elevate your client service by shortening communication response times and increase your flexibility by staying connected wherever you are. Download the SurePrep app for tax professionals on the Apple or Google Play stores.

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