A quick turnaround on tax engagement letters is the first step in an efficient 1040 workflow. Unfortunately, this process can be challenging because some clients are slow to respond. Taxpayers tend to procrastinate. 

So how do you motivate your clients to quickly sign their 1040 engagement letters? Give them a more convenient way to do it. 

How TaxCaddy streamlines your tax engagement letter process 

TaxCaddy is SurePrep’s award-winning taxpayer collaboration platform. TaxCaddy makes it easy to obtain valid e-signatures for any document, including engagement letters, statements of work, and Form 8879 (i.e., the e-file authorization).  

Did you know? Optional push notifications on the TaxCaddy app immediately alert clients when the tax engagement letter is available to sign. 

No more assembling and mailing individual paper organizers. TaxCaddy lets you generate and distribute tax engagement letters at scale. Your firm can monitor which clients have already signed and which are still pending. Meanwhile, taxpayers can view which documents still need a signature on their TaxCaddy home screen. 

See what automating document requests looks like. 

Taxpayers can review and sign their tax engagement letter from their desktop, phone, or tablet. TaxCaddy enables taxpayers to apply a valid e-signature by simply clicking Sign & Accept and entering their name. 

See TaxCaddy’s e-signature feature in action. 

After signing, your clients can jump straight into filling out the questionnaire and uploading documents. With TaxCaddy, taxpayers can upload tax information incrementally so your firm can start preparing returns earlier in the year. 

Visit TaxCaddy.com to explore an interactive demo of TaxCaddy’s key features.

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TaxCaddy vs. traditional tax engagement letter methods 

TaxCaddy simplifies the engagement letter process for taxpayers and tax professionals. Let’s see how TaxCaddy compares to traditional methods. 

Traditional mail is slow and inconvenient  

Manually mailing tax preparation engagement letters to each client strains your admin staff. Once the letters are sent out, you’re still at the mercy of clients sending them back within a reasonable time frame. 

TaxCaddy: Sending tax engagement letters at scale is 100% digital, fast, and convenient.

Some online portals lack e-signature functionality 

Taxpayers need the convenience of e-signing documents. Otherwise, they have to print, sign, scan, and upload tax engagement letters back to the portal. Some of your clients may not have a printer or scanner at home. 

TaxCaddy: Taxpayers can sign any documents anywhere, from any device, with electronic signatures.

Emailed engagement letters get lost in inboxes 

E-signature vendors like DocuSign allow you to request signatures via email, but tax engagement letters can easily be overlooked in high-volume inboxes. Your firm’s reminder emails might be missed until you resort to reminder phone calls. 

TaxCaddy: All tax communication stays organized in one app, without any email clutter.

Simplifying the client experience 

Most of your clients are probably comfortable using digital devices these days. Over 91% of Americans aged 18-64 own a smartphone, according to a January 2021 survey by Pew Research Center

With TaxCaddy’s mobile app, your clients can sign, scan, review, and upload documents from anywhere. This mobile-friendly convenience makes tax time easier for your clients and your firm. You can receive documents and signatures much faster, improve client satisfaction, and reduce workload compression for your firm. 

Looking to learn more? Watch SurePrep’s President and CEO David Wyle demonstrate how TaxCaddy brings taxpayer collaboration into the modern age. 

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