Your desktop 10-key and tape rolls have long been replaced in the digital world. Today, using calculator tape online is the most efficient choice for 1040 tax calculation.

SPbinder’s Calculator Tape was designed to increase efficiency while providing a user-friendly experience. Let’s take a closer look at some key Calculator features and learn how SPbinder’s Calculator Tape can assist your firm’s staff during workpaper preparation and review.

How to use SPbinder’s Calculator Tape online 

SPbinder’s Calculator Tape is one of the most popular features in our cloud-based workpaper software. Your team can collaborate securely from any authorized workstation, whether at home or at the office. All you need is an internet connection.

Accessing SPbinder’s Calculator Tape is easy. Simply select “Calculator” from the Annotations Menu to launch the Calculator in SPbinder. The Calculator features three sections to support your work: A Digital 10-Key is on the left, Calculator Tape is on the right, and a Calculator Toolbar is on the top with various options.

See SPbinder’s Calculator in action. 

Inputting data with the click-and-drag OCR feature 

SPbinder’s Calculator supports two ways of inputting data: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and manual entry. The click-and-drag OCR feature is the most convenient way to input data. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select “OCR” from the Calculator Toolbar and drag the mouse pointer over the amounts you’d like to capture. 
  2. If the OCR software captures a perfect read, the information will populate into the Calculator Tape section of the Calculator. If the OCR software is uncertain of the amounts, a verification window will appear and prompt you to confirm the accurate amounts. 

Prefer to key in some amounts yourself? Data can always be entered manually. All data entered with OCR can be manually edited too.

Creating Calculator Tape 

Ready to move forward with your calculation? You only need to click “Create Tape” to generate the Calculator Tape. Upon clicking, two things will happen:

  1. The new Calculator Tape will be logged in the Calculator Tape Panel. 
  2. Cross-References will automatically be created between the Calculator Tape and any amounts on the workpaper that were captured with OCR. 

After the Calculator Tape has been created, it can be pasted directly on the workpaper with the “Copy Tape to Image” or the “Copy Tape to Clipboard” features. 

Did you know? The Calculator Tape Panel is a centralized work area where all tapes in the binder can be accessed. You can browse all tapes present in the binder with the bottom navigation menu in the panel. 

The Calculator Tape feature also supports accurate and convenient review by automatically creating a task in the “Calculator Tape” category of the Review Tree

Applying the Grand Total Stamp 

The Grand Total Stamp allows your grand total to be placed anywhere on a workpaper. Simply click the “+” next to “Grand Total” inside the Calculator Tape, and then click anywhere on a workpaper to place the grand total amount. 

  • What if the grand total changes? The Grand Total Stamp is dynamic, so it will automatically update if the grand total changes. 
  • What if I need to check the data? The Grand Total Stamp also acts as a Cross-Reference, which means that clicking the stamp will launch the corresponding tape in the Calculator Panel. 

Discover more SPbinder features and learn how they can help streamline preparation and review.

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What the right accounting calculator tape means for tax professionals 

SurePrep solutions support firms of all sizes. By using SPbinder’s Calculator Tape, preparers and reviewers can expect improved efficiency, accuracy, and recordkeeping. That means less time spent manually entering data and significantly reduced review time. 

The advanced technology and productivity of SPbinder’s features resonated with Oregon-based Hoffman, Stewart & Schmidt, P.C. (HSS). HSS Partner Leah DiGregorio believes that SurePrep’s SPbinder offers more functionality than other workpaper management systems. 

It’s the automation, it’s the linking, it’s the OCR and the calculator tape. It’s way more. [SurePrep’s] technology far surpasses. 

Leah DiGregorio, Partner, Hoffman, Stewart & Schmidt, P.C. 

One of Leah’s favorite time-saving features is SPbinder’s Calculator Tape. She’s seen the tool save her preparers time on key-ins and reduce review time. Today, HSS continues to explore ways to maximize efficiency with the help of SPbinder and other SurePrep solutions. 

Get the full story on HSS and learn how the firm has expanded their automation efforts with SurePrep technology.

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