SurePrep 2014 Enhancements Are Available Now

December 15, 2014


SurePrep is excited to announce the release of our 2014 enhancements, the most significant in SurePrep’s twelve-year history. A streamlined FileRoom in the cloud, a simplified SPbinder workpaper index, customizable binder templates, dock-able components for multi-monitor support, and enhanced PDF, Word and Excel functionality now allow our customers to prepare and review paperless tax workpapers more efficiently than ever before.

“SurePrep has been a leader in tax productivity solutions for more than a decade and our latest enhancements allow tax and accounting firms to be more productive and profitable than ever,” said SurePrep President and CEO David Wyle. “1040SCAN automates 1040 and 1041 tax preparation more effectively than any other solution on the market and these latest SPbinder enhancements make it even easier for our customers to prepare and review workpapers in a completely paperless environment.”

SPbinder greatly reduces the time spent preparing and reviewing workpapers while enforcing standardization across the firm. SPbinder templates can include customized workpaper indexes as well as PDF, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word files. Microsoft Outlook emails can also be dragged from Outlook into SPbinder. When subsequent documents are received from the taxpayer, they can be automatically merged into the workpaper binder. All file types can be signed off on, annotated and cross-referenced, allowing firms to create a truly complete paperless binder. SPbinder is included with all versions of 1040SCAN.

“Simply automating preparer data entry using a scan-and-populate tool is not enough these days,” Wyle added. “To get the kind of leverage firms need to meaningfully increase profitability; reviewer time must be cut too. By making it easy for preparers to assemble a complete, standardized and fully cross-referenced set of workpapers, and by providing reviewers the ability to track sign-off and review note status for all types of workpapers (PDF, Excel, Word & E-mail), SPbinder reduces review time in a way not possible using Adobe Acrobat alone. SPbinder is the only solution on the market that offers these capabilities.”

To learn more and to schedule a one-on-one demonstration, Contact our Sales team.

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