SurePrep has been selected as one of the “10 Most Promising Intelligent Data Capture Solutions Providers – 2022” in CIOReview’s September 2022 issue (magazine access requires sign-in). The CIOReview award recognizes companies that are leading intelligent data capture in their respective fields.

The market leader in intelligent data capture, SurePrep is at the forefront of building solutions that are transforming the tax and accounting industry and helping clients facilitate a completely digital tax workflow.

CIOReview, September 2022 

From healthcare to automotive to ecommerce, the companies featured in CIOReview’s top 10 are accelerating change in multiple industries. SurePrep was listed alongside other prominent innovators like Clario, Cognex (NASDAQ: CGNX), and Impinj (NASDAQ: PI).

Organizations are looking for ways to phase out manual data entry in favor of the increased productivity and efficiency of digital methods, according to CIOReview. In this “drive to digitalize data operations,” SurePrep has played a key role in the tax industry throughout its 20-year history.

CIOReview interviewed SurePrep President and CEO David Wyle for the September 2022 issue. The “Featured Companies” article highlights SurePrep’s focus on intelligent data capture “as a core competency, enabling tax professionals to automate routine data entry in the 1040 tax process and focus on value-added tasks.”

We leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate data capturing and cover four to seven times as many documents as our competitors. 

David Wyle, President and CEO, SurePrep 

The article details how SurePrep technology supports CPA firms, wealth management firms, tax professionals, and taxpayers. David discusses BDO’s success as a SurePrep client, AI-driven K-1 reclass, and more. Read the full SurePrep article on CIOReview’s website.→

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