It’s no secret that long hours are a reality in the tax and accounting industry. Sometimes you need a mental break from the grind. So, in the spirit of camaraderie, here’s a little humor to break up your day.

Busy season relief

How do accountants deal with stress during busy season? By keeping their balance.

Why do accountants always keep their calm? They have all the deductions.

What do you call an accountant that’s feeling down? Depreciated.

How can you tell when an accountant is having a great day? The numbers add themselves.

How do accountants succeed during busy season? By making sure every day accounts.

What did the accountant’s new tattoo say? Be audit you can be.

How did the accountant respond to their fearful friend? Don’t worry. I saw your stats, actuary.

What did the accounting handbook say? You’re the expert. You do the math.

Why was the accountant upset? Their unpaid invoices revealed it was accrual world.

What was on the accounting department’s inspirational poster? You can do it. Everybody counts here.

Some true classics

Why was the accountant so bored? They lost interest.

How did the accountant propose? They mailed an engagement letter.

Why did the accountant cross the road? To deduce their caboose.

What is an accountant’s worst enemy? It’s incalculable.

Why was the accountant so excited about their calculator? They just got the latest addition.

How did the accountant cause the traffic jam? They wouldn’t budget.

Why do accountants admire squirrels? They’re experts at counting and storing too.

Are accountants willing to try something new? Only if it’s taxing.

How many accountants does it take to change a lightbulb? One, of course. Accountants use common cents.

What did the accountant’s teacher tell them? That they would Excel.

Fresh from the blockchain

Why did the NFT feel special? The blockchain said it was one of a kind.

Why was everyone happy to see Cryptocurrency? They were new on the block.

How do NFTs pay their bills? With smart contracts.

Are cryptocurrencies sad? Only when they have a low market value.

Why did the Bitcoin need a sweater? It was in a cold wallet.

How did the NFT get bad breath? It wasn’t minted.

Why was the crypto being so secretive? They were mining their own business.

What made the Bitcoin feel stressed? Too many centralized exchanges.

How do you bring cryptos together? Have a block party.

Why did the Bitcoin feel betrayed? It got traded.

Captain Credits to the rescue

If you prefer your comedy in comic strip form, our masked tax and accounting hero is always prepared to save the day. What did Captain Credits encounter in his latest adventure?

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