Did your firm feel the impacts of a talent shortage during tax season? If so, you’re not alone.

Attracting and retaining top talent has been an industry-wide concern for many tax and accounting firms for years. Most recently, pandemic-driven changes to professional work environments prompted a record number of people — across all industries — to reevaluate their careers in what has been coined “The Great Resignation.”

Few industries, if any, have been able to dodge The Great Resignation. Some tax and accounting firms lost key personnel to competing firms or other industries, and some associates simply moved on in search of a new career or better quality of life. Regardless of the reason, this has led to devastating talent gaps within some tax and accounting practices.

Today, the battle for talent continues to be very real. In fact, a recent survey by human resource consulting firm Robert Half found that 91 percent of finance and accounting professionals said they are concerned about valued employees on their team leaving for new opportunities.

“Firms that we talk to are all saying that it is very difficult to find qualified staff people. It’s a pain that all firms are feeling these days,” said Greg Pope, Vice President of Marketing at SurePrep.

That’s why it is imperative that firms have a sound talent strategy in place and remain open to finding new ways to become talent magnets.


“If you don’t use tools that allow people to work either totally remotely, or at least in some sort of a hybrid environment, you’re at a disadvantage,” Pope said.

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