ProSystem fx Scan Versus 1040SCAN Comparison

How does ProSystem fx Scan stack up to 1040SCAN?

A comprehensive document coverage list increases automation by minimizing human error, increasing standardization, and reducing data entry. SurePrep’s scan and populate solution, 1040SCAN, automates more than three times the documents of  ProSystem fx Scan.

Moreover, 1040SCAN is the only scan and populate solution on the market that offers an optional OCR data verification service to check your source document data for accuracy before it gets exported to tax software.

1040SCAN includes our award-winning workpaper system, SPbinder, designed to optimize reviewer’s time, and together with TaxCaddy, they deliver the SurePrep Tax Process, allowing you to get more work done in less time while improving client service.

View 1040SCAN’s Document Coverage list

1040SCAN is the only system that reads and extracts data from Federal Organizer Pages, Grantor Letters and State K-1s.


1040SCAN automates more than 5x the documents of ProSystem fx Scan

*Based on current Autoflow V11.0 documentation

Scanning 1040SCAN Pfx Scan
Does not require separator pages
Optical Character Recognition 1040SCAN Pfx Scan
Organizer Pages
Source Document Types 39 21
Brokerage Statements 582 112
Grantor Letters 42 0
State K-1s 22 0
Exports margin interest
Exports investment fees
Exports foreign income
Exports 65+ other fields
Verification 1040SCAN Pfx Scan
Eliminates human verification for native PDFs 2
Free Pre-Verification 3
Optional Verification Service 4
Workpapers 1040SCAN Pfx Scan
Includes SPbinder 5
Other 1040SCAN Pfx Scan
Integrates with TaxCaddy
RESTful API available
Optional Full Preparation Service


  1. ProSystem fx Scan accepts TIFF only, not PDF.
  2. 1040SCAN PRO and 1040SCANverify only.
  3. In order to discover new 1099-B formats as early in the tax season as possible, SurePrep offers a Pre-Verification program at no cost.
  4. With any scan-and-populate software, it's a best practice to verify OCR'd source document data for accuracy before it gets exported to tax software (ProSystem fx Tax, CCH Axcess Tax, and Global fx Tax). Optionally, SurePrep can perform this verification for you.
  5. SPbinder is SurePrep's award winning workpaper system that integrates with PDF, Excel, Word, and Outlook emails. ProSystem fx Scan offers PDF workpapers only.