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Although verifying OCR data is a tedious step in the scan-and-populate process, it’s nonetheless extremely important. Verifying all OCR’d data ensures an accurate tax return. 1040SCAN helps firms expedite and reduce their verification workload through outsourcing options, auto-verification technology, and a user-friendly software interface.

One way SurePrep assists firms with verification is by taking care of it for them. 1040SCANverify combines scan-and-populate software with a service where SurePrep staff validates standard document data for accuracy within one business day.

While it’s common for firms to hire seasonal staff for this job, a growing number of customers are finding it more practical and cost effective to outsource instead. For this reason, 1040SCANverify is our most popular version of 1040SCAN.

1040SCAN eliminates verification for native PDFs with its patented auto-verification technology. PDFs that are in their original digital format and have never been scanned from paper contain an embedded text layer within the file. 1040SCAN compares this text layer to its OCR data in to ensure they match, resulting in a 100% accurate scan that verifiers can skip entirely.

For the remainder of data that need still needs to be verified, 1040SCAN’s Review Wizard provides a user-friendly interface to help validate documents with organized efficiency. It displays all uploaded pages so preparers can verify the accuracy of the OCR’d data. From there, they can correct any mistakes and manually capture fields that may have been missed.

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