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All data captured by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) must be verified. Scan-and-populate tax software increases efficiency because verification takes significantly less time than manual data entry. That said, it’s still a time commitment and requires some extra training. SurePrep has developed unique ways to lighten the verification workload. Our 1040 scan, verify, and populate solution is the only product on the market that offers the following verification options.

Auto-Verification for 65% of standard documents [patented]

1040SCAN eliminates the need to verify OCR data for 65% of standard documents. We achieve this with a combination of patented text-layer matching and artificial intelligence.

Text-layer matching of native PDFs

Native PDFs are in their original digital format and have never been scanned from paper. They contain an embedded text layer that 1040SCAN compares to data extracted by OCR. If they match, there is no need for human eyes to verify. 

Firms that gather documents digitally with a tool like TaxCaddy will see a higher percentage of native PDFs. SurePrep customers who gather exclusively through TaxCaddy report that roughly two-thirds of all binder documents are native PDFs.

Verification with SurePrep’s AI engine

SurePrep’s AI engine can auto-verify OCR data for many standard documents, regardless of the file format. The engine uses Machine Learning to learn rational thresholds that help the computer catch its own mistakes. For example, if field a on a W-2 is always nine digits long, the engine will be suspicious if OCR only catches eight digits. AI learns rapidly and SurePrep’s 65% auto-verification coverage is expected to expand year-over-year.

1040SCANverify combines our scan-and-populate software with verification outsourcing. Tax documents pass through our cloud-based OCR, then route to secure facilities where trained SurePrep staff perform the verification. Turnaround time varies by return complexity, but most returns are processed in one business day.

Outsourced verification is our fastest-growing option. Before switching, many firms hired seasonal staff to perform 1040 scan, verify, and populate tasks. They’ve found 1040SCANverify to be a more cost-effective option than seasonal training, hiring, and labor expenses.

1040SCAN’s Review Wizard is a user-friendly verification tool for firms that want to keep some or all verification in-house. The intuitive interface guides your staff through a standardized verification workflow. The original document and the captured data display in adjacent panels for easy comparison. From there, your staff can correct any mistakes or manually capture missed fields.

1040 scan verify and populate with the Review Wizard

Powerful combination

The combination of our verification solutions is a powerful tool for streamlining processes and reducing or eliminating data entry. Patented Auto-Verification reduces the number of verification tasks up front. 1040SCANverify is a popular choice for firms with staffing issues. The Review Wizard streamlines in-house verification of any remaining data.