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SurePrep solutions – 1040SCAN

See how 1040SCAN integrates with SurePrep solutions

1040SCAN integrates seamlessly with TaxCaddy and SPbinder. Together, they provide end-to-end automation that integrates with tax software for professional preparers.

TaxCaddy is SurePrep’s award-winning 1040 client collaboration platform. Professional tax preparers use TaxCaddy to:

SPbinder is SurePrep’s purpose-built tax workpaper management system. Preparers and reviewers use SPbinder to:

  • Organize workpapers in an index tree.
  • Prepare workpapers with annotations, cross-linking, and notes.
  • Review binders with Leadsheets and the Review Tree.

Step 1: TaxCaddy creates the binder

The TaxCaddy dashboard tracks the progress of your TaxCaddy clients as they complete their questionnaire and upload documents. Once you’ve gathered enough information to begin preparing a return, select Create Binder on your client’s profile.

TaxCaddy Creates the Binder

Initiating binder creation will send the client’s source documents to 1040SCAN. You can return to the TaxCaddy dashboard and add more documents at any time.

Step 2: 1040SCAN organizes, scans, and exports

All versions of 1040SCAN automatically bookmark and organize documents into a standardized workpaper index that follows the flow of the tax return.

1040SCAN PRO and 1040SCANverify extract data from documents with Optical Character Recognition (OCR). If you use 1040SCANverify, trained SurePrep staff will verify the OCR data for accuracy on your behalf.

1040SCAN PRO includes a Review Wizard for your staff to verify OCR data, identify duplicate documents, and associate related documents. OCR data is color coded to indicate which fields were auto-verified and which require manual verification.

Once organization, OCR, and verification are complete, you can export data directly to your tax software and send workpapers to SPbinder. This cloud-based flexibility is especially useful for multiple office locations or a hybrid/remote workflow.

Step 3: Workpaper preparation and review with SPbinder

Inside SPbinder, you’ll find your workpapers neatly organized in the Index Tree panel on the left. You’ll see the data extracted by OCR in the Forms panel on the bottom.

With workpaper organization and data entry already complete, your staff has more time for preparation. SPbinder’s rich suite of preparation tools include standardized annotations, note threads, hyperlinked cross-references, digital calculator tape, and more. These tools make the binder easy to navigate and reduce review time. Take advantage of SPbinder’s Review Tree and Digital Leadsheets to shorten review even further.

SPbinder exports to most popular tax software for professional tax preparers: CCH Axcess™ Tax, CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte, and UltraTax CS.

An end-to-end digital workflow

Altogether, TaxCaddy, 1040SCAN, and SPbinder create an end-to-end digital workflow. Want to see it with your own eyes? Scroll to the end of our Videos page to see a full demonstration of the process. Our CEO, David Wyle, takes you inside the software!

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