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SurePrep Solutions

1040SCAN integrates seamlessly with TaxCaddy and SPbinder.

TaxCaddy is SurePrep’s award-winning client collaboration platform. It is used to gather documents and data from clients and deliver completed tax returnspayment vouchers, and invoices back to them. Once the client uploads their documents to TaxCaddy, your firm can route them directly to 1040SCAN with the click of a button.

SPbinder is SurePrep’s bespoke tax workpaper management system. Once 1040SCAN is finished identifying the documents, they’re automatically bookmarked and organized into a standardized workpaper index ready to be prepared and reviewed in SPbinder.

Step 1: TaxCaddy Creates the Binder

The TaxCaddy dashboard allows you to track the progress of all TaxCaddy clients as they complete their questionnaire and upload documents. Once enough tax information has been provided to begin preparing a return, select Create Binder on your client's profile.

TaxCaddy Creates the Binder

Executing this action will send the client’s source documents through 1040SCAN.  You can return to the TaxCaddy dashboard and add additional documents at any time.

Step 2: 1040SCAN Scans and Exports Data

Once the documents are run through 1040SCAN, they’re automatically bookmarked and organized into a standardized workpaper index that follows the flow of the tax return. OCR’d data is color coded to indicate which fields are auto-verified and which fields require manual verification. 1040SCAN comes equipped with a Review Wizard where users can verify data, identify duplicate documents, and associate related documents.

When 1040SCAN’s OCR process is complete, the organized documents are available in SPbinder.

Step 3: Workpaper Preparation and Review with SPbinder

Inside SPbinder, all standard documents are automatically sorted into the Index Tree. Proforma’d input forms will appear in blue text while current year input forms show up in black text. The data generated by 1040SCAN’s OCR can be edited in the Forms tab.

The OCR’d data is also used to generate workpaper leadsheets—a simplified spreadsheet that gives the reviewer an overview of the data within the workpapers. All the spreadsheet data is automatically linked back to the corresponding source documents and the OCR data is distinguished from manually input data with color coding. This optional feature helps facilitate an efficient top-down review and is only available when integrated with 1040SCAN.

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