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1040SCAN Versions

1040SCAN ORGANIZE automates tax workpaper preparation by bookmarking and organizing source documents into a standardized workpaper index that follows the flow of the tax return. No source document data is extracted or exported to your tax software. It is our most basic 1040SCAN offering.

1040SCAN ORGANIZE is suitable for firms  that are looking to automate the organization and indexing of source documents, but don’t need a solution that reduces data entry by exporting data to tax software.. Since 1040SCAN ORGANIZE doesn’t interact with the proforma data in your tax software, all firms can utilize it regardless of what tax software they use.

1040SCAN PRO automatically bookmarks, organizes, and exports data from 4x–7x as many documents as competitors. It eliminates an unprecedented portion of data entry with advanced OCR technology and exports data directly to your tax software.

It is also the only scan-and-populate solution to guarantee 100% OCR accuracy for native PDFs through our patented auto-verification technology. Native PDFs are files still in their original format and have never been scanned from paper. This groundbreaking technology reads the embedded text layer in the document and compares it to the OCR’d data to ensure it was read correctly.

1040SCAN PRO is ideal for firms in need of an effective scan-and-populate solution that reduces a significant portion of data entry and verification for preparers. A tax practice that receives a large quantity of native PDFs will be able to reduce even more preparation time. Firms that gather through TaxCaddy see a significant benefit, as all documents retrieved through TaxCaddy Smart Links arrive in native PDF format.

(Integrates with CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte, and UltraTax CS).

1040SCANverify is a combination of software and service with the same automation capability as 1040SCAN PRO. With 1040SCANverify, SurePrep staff verify all OCR’d source document data before it’s exported to your tax software.

1040SCANverify is an ideal service for firms looking to drastically reduce workload compression and free their staff from tedious verification responsibilities but aren’t necessarily looking for a full preparation outsource service.  

Firms that used to bring on seasonal staff to handle preparation are now finding it more cost-effective and practical to simply outsource the responsibility to a professional team. Since 1040SCANverify serves as a middle ground between 1040SCAN PRO and Outsource, it’s become our most popular and fastest growing option.

(Integrates with CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte, UltraTax CS).

Key Benefits

Integrates with TaxCaddy
Includes SPbinder
RESTful API available
Bookmarks and organizes 4x – 7x the documents
Reduces time spent creating tax workpapers
Identifies missing source documents
Eliminates human verification for native PDFs
Exports standard document data to tax software
Calculates state exemption for tax exempt interest
Prevents duplicate data from exporting to tax software
All standard document data verified by SurePrep before being exported
Minimizes training and implementation time


Scan and Organize


Scan and Populate


Scan, Verify, and Populate

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