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1040SCANverify is a software and service combination that performs three key functions: 

  1. Reduces data entry by extracting data from tax documents with OCR and exporting it to your tax software. 
  2. Automates workpaper preparation by bookmarking and organizing source documents into a standardized workpaper index. 
  3. Eliminates the time spent on OCR verification by outsourcing the task to trained SurePrep professionals. 

1040SCANverify is compatible with CCH Axcess™ Tax, CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte, and UltraTax CS. If you don’t use any of these softwares, consider workpaper automation with 1040SCAN ORGANIZE

Automate 4–7x as many documents 

Scan-and-populate solutions like 1040SCANverify only work on recognized documents. 1040SCAN recognizes 4–7x as many documents as the nearest competitors. 

1040SCAN automates 4x as many documents as Lacerte TSI
1040SCAN automates 5x as many documents as ProSystem fx Scan
1040SCAN automates 7x as many documents as UltraTax SDP

SurePrep’s Innovation Team is working to revolutionize document recognition with artificial intelligence. In the future, 1040SCAN will recognize even non-standard documents. Learn more> 

Reduce data entry with 1040SCANverify’s advanced OCR 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scans documents and extracts their data. 1040SCANverify is purpose-built to capture information from 1040 tax documents and export it to your tax software. This eliminates the hours your preparers would otherwise spend on manual data entry. Your firm can reinvest that time in value-added work like financial consulting. 

1040SCANverify eliminates OCR verification—completely 

The most common hesitation firms express about adopting OCR technology is verification. No OCR software can read documents with 100% accuracy, which means human eyes must verify the data. Although verification is much faster than manual data entry, it is still a time commitment and involves training staff in a new skill. 

1040SCANverify eliminates this problem. 

Firstly, not all data processed through 1040SCAN needs human verification. 1040SCAN auto-verifies information from native PDFs with 100% accuracy. Native PDFs are digital documents that have never been scanned from paper, like the ones your clients download from their financial institutions. This technology is patented and not offered by any other vendor. 

Secondly, SurePrep staff verify the remaining data for you. After OCR is complete, 1040SCANverify routes data to a secure SurePrep facility where trained experts complete the verification. The data that routes back to your firm is clean and ready for export. Our process is SOC 2 TYPE 2 audited and has undergone independent security reviews from 3 of the Big 4 accounting firms, which are now SurePrep clients. Our verification service is trusted by thousands of tax professionals. Only SurePrep offers this optional verification outsourcing feature. 

Built-in time savings with automated workpaper organization 

In addition to extracting and verifying data, 1040SCANverify automatically sorts your workpapers into an index tree. Your preparers will save hours they used to spend on assembling binders. 

1040SCANverify operates in the cloud through encrypted, SurePrep-managed servers. Whether your employees work remotely or at multiple office locations, you can flex workpaper binders to any workstation. 

80% of the work for 20% the cost 

By the time your preparers receive a binder, 1040SCANverify has done most of the time-consuming work. The data is already entered into your tax software. The workpapers are neatly organized. This is 80% of the work you would expect from a full preparation outsource service, but only 20% the cost. We break down the benefits in our whitepaper, Reduce Costs with OCR Verification Outsourcing for 1040 Returns

Reduce costs with OCR verification outsourcing for 1040 returns

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See what tax professionals are saying about 1040SCANverify…

Zack Leder, a Partner at Bennett Thrasher, said "1040SCANverify is the most advanced scan-and-populate solution on the market."
"1040SCANverify allowed me to have more reviewer time to identify technical/planning issues with the client since I spend less time verifying accuracy of prep input." - Reviewer, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company
Beth Attebery, Partner at The Henry Levy Group said "1040SCANverify reduces workload compression."
A medium enterprise financial services company agreed to the statement, "1040SCANverify frees up time for preparers to perform high-value tasks."
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Is 1040SCANverify right for your firm? 

1040SCANverify is an economical middle ground between full outsourcing and full in-house preparation, and therefore our fastest growing option. It’s ideal for firms that want to eliminate the time spent on data entry, OCR verification, and binder assembly.  

Many firms use a combination of 1040SCAN PRO and 1040SCANverify. 1040SCAN PRO organizes workpapers and extracts data, but does not include outsourced verification. One popular strategy is to send simple returns through 1040SCAN PRO and complex returns through 1040SCANverify. In-house verification for simple returns is quicker, and outsourcing verification for complex returns yields the highest return on investment. Some firms use 1040SCANverify across the board to protect their preparers’ time.