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Remote work

whitepaper: Guide to a remote 1040 tax automation workflow

Whitepaper: Guide to a remote 1040 tax automation workflow

Remote work preparedness is critical to the success of your firm. This guide describes how to implement a remote-ready 1040 tax automation workflow. SurePrep solutions support remote and hybrid offices without sacrificing efficiency, security, or client experience.

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Webinar: Work from home, reduce workload compression, and improve client experiences with a completely digital 1040 workflow

Webinar: Work from home with a digital 1040 workflow

In the post-pandemic environment, firms of all sizes need 1040 solutions that support remote work. Whether you’re transitioning a large operation at scale or building your practice from the ground up, this webinar is for you. We’ll look at the top issues you’re likely to face and how to address them.

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Hybrid tax office workflow

Blog: Create a hybrid office

Hybrid and remote options are now business critical. Learn how you can build remote infrastructure to remain competitive in the hiring market. Don’t fall victim to SaaS sprawl: you only need three tools to support a remote 1040 workflow from end to end.

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Blog: Collaborate remotely with your 1040 clients

Blog: Collaborate remotely with your 1040 clients

You’ve taken steps to establish a digital 1040 workflow so your staff can work remotely. But here’s the million-dollar question: Do your clients feel you’ve given them the same consideration? Learn how TaxCaddy enables a truly digital workflow for your clients and tax team.

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