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Cross-References in SPbinder allow users to reference amounts from one workpaper to another by creating hyperlinked annotations.

Select Cross-Reference from the Annotation menu and click anywhere on the first workpaper to create the first half of the link. Click anywhere on the second workpaper to create the second half of the link. A small stamp that displays the page number of the linked document will appear in the selected locations. If pages change order, the page numbers will automatically update.

Clicking on the Cross-Reference will launch the corresponding workpaper in the current window or in a new window, depending on the user’s settings. Users can easily change this setting at any time from the top menu in the Document Viewer. The ability to launch cross-referenced documents in a new window is especially useful for multi-monitor set-ups.

Cross-References represent a 1:1 relationship and cannot be used to create multiple reference points. If a user wishes to highlight a relationship between multiple points of reference, they can link multiple reference points to a single Note.

The ability to create hyperlinks between points of reference is an important time-saving feature, as reviewers do not need to spend time hunting down source documents. SPbinder’s Leadsheets take this functionality to the next level by automatically creating cross references between standard documents and final amounts. Cross-References also play an important part in Calculator Tape functionality.