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All SurePrep solutions, including SPbinder, integrate with the following tax software: CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte, and UltraTax CS.

To understand how SPbinder integrates with your tax software, it’s helpful to understand how data flows between SurePrep solutions and your tax software throughout the 1040 tax automation process:

First, data flows from your tax software to TaxCaddy, which allows you to use proforma data to generate Custom Document Request Lists for your clients.*

From TaxCaddy, you initiate OCR and workpaper organization with 1040SCAN. Initiating the 1040SCAN process auto-generates a digital binder.

Once OCR, workpaper organization, and verification are complete, the OCR-extracted data flows from 1040SCAN into your tax software. The organized workpapers flow into SPbinder.

Data then flows from your tax software into SPbinder, where variances between your tax software’s calculations and the binder data will appear as color-coded lines in your Leadsheets.**

As or after you make edits to the binder data during preparation and review, you can export the data to your tax software with one click.

*If your firm chooses not to use TaxCaddy, you can initiate binder creation from the 1040SCAN user interface.

**Please note that Classic Leadsheets must be enabled to support most of this functionality. Read more about Leadsheets here→

The Forms tab in SPbinder shows the raw data that will ultimately export to your tax software through one-to-one field mapping. Each field in an Input Form corresponds to a workpaper field. Clicking on a workpaper field in the Document Viewer will launch the corresponding Input Form and highlight the selected field, and vice versa.

1040SCAN’s verified OCR data will automatically populate Forms for standard documents. SPbinder provides easy tools like click-and-drag OCR to help preparers fill out Forms for non-standard documents.

Leadsheets gathers amounts from the Forms data into one place, where the information is grouped by category and cross-referenced for lightning-fast review.

SPbinder tax software integration forms

The information on this page is a high-level overview. For a deeper look at everything that is possible with an SPbinder integration, we recommend scheduling a one-to-one demo with a product expert.

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