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Mobile apps

A mobile solution is essential to the client experience.

SurePrep offers both a taxpayer- and tax professional-facing mobile app. Both apps are available on the Google Play and Apple App stores with 4.5, 4.6, and 5.0 star reviews.

All TaxCaddy features are available in the mobile app, which means your client can access an end-to-end tax season experience from their mobile device. Your client can deliver and sign documents, answer their questionnaire, message their tax professional, download their completed return, and render payment on their invoice and state/federal taxes without ever leaving the TaxCaddy app.

App users also enjoy an extra convenience: photo-scanning. TaxCaddy transforms your client’s smartphone camera into a scanner that captures legible, well-lit, correctly cropped document scans. With a scanner in their pocket, your client can simply snap a photo when their tax documents arrive—and then go on with their day. Modern taxpayers expect mobile options. The ability to offer a mobile app can weigh heavily on client attraction and retention. For a detailed exploration of this topic, watch our popular webinar, Your 1040 Clients Want Mobile Options. Are You Delivering?

Your 1040 Clients Want Mobile Options. Are You Delivering?

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Taxpayers aren’t the only ones who benefit from a mobile option—you do too!

The SurePrep App for Tax Professionals allows you to manage your client relationships on the go. To connect with your clients via the SurePrep app, “follow” them on TaxCaddy, just as you would on social media. By default, you follow all clients for whom you are marked as the account owner.

Use the SurePrep app to view your clients’ DRLs, request outstanding documents, review document submissions, and send/receive messages.

Visit the Overview tab to see the list of TaxCaddy clients you are currently following. Clients with new pending messages float to the top with clear alert icons.

Tap on a client’s name to open your message history. Messages that relate to a specific document are clearly labeled and contain a direct link to launch the document in-app.

Switch to the Documents tab to see your client’s Document Request List (DRL). Easy color coding identifies which documents still need to be reviewed, signed, or uploaded. Tap on any received document to launch it in the in-app Document Viewer.