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Tax software integrations – TaxCaddy

All SurePrep solutions, including TaxCaddy, integrate with the following tax software: CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte, and UltraTax CS.

After you have activated your tax software with SurePrep, importing clients to TaxCaddy is as straightforward as uploading a CSV file. TaxCaddy provides a CSV template with the required fields. You can also add individual clients by entering their information directly in the TaxCaddy interface. Your new TaxCaddy records will be directly linked to the corresponding records in your tax software.

We recommend aiming for a 100% TaxCaddy onboarding rate. However, you can still use TaxCaddy to manage clients who do not have TaxCaddy accounts by marking them as Offline Clients. Your tax professionals can upload documents to offline clients’ DRLs on their behalf.

Once your clients are added or imported…

  1. You can invite your clients to create TaxCaddy accounts.
  2. Your tax professionals can manage their client base through the TaxCaddy site in their browser, or through the SurePrep App for Tax Professionals.
  3. You can use proforma data in your tax software to automatically generate Custom Document Request Lists (DRLs) for each client, based on their prior year return.

You can generate and send Custom DRLs individually or in bulk. Some clients may have new requirements or prior year conditions that no longer apply. For example, a brokerage account that has been closed. In these cases, your tax professional can easily add or remove documents/categories from your client’s DRL prior to sending. (If further adjustments are needed after the DRL is sent, your tax professional can always make adjustments with TaxCaddy’s client management tools.)

The ability to generate DRLs from prior year information in your tax software creates a seamless transition to TaxCaddy for both your taxpayers and tax professionals.