Interactive demo

Begin the demo below to experience the entire SurePrep tax process from start to finish. This interactive demonstration will walk you through TaxCaddy, 1040SCAN, and SPbinder from your team's perspective and your clients'.

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Our simple, 6-question fit assessment tool will determine whether your tax software, firm structure, and goals are compatible with SurePrep solutions. You’ll receive an instant compatibility report with personalized product details.

What is SurePrep?

SurePrep provides end-to-end 1040 tax workflow automation software. Begin tax season by mass-generating engagement letters, responsive questionnaires, and custom document request lists through TaxCaddy. Offer your clients an easy way to submit tax documents through the TaxCaddy mobile app or website. When it’s time to prepare, let 1040SCAN save you time by automating data entry and workpaper organization. Prepare and review in SPbinder with hyperlinked cross-references, click-and-drag OCR, annotations, note threads, digital leadsheets, and more. Deliver finalized tax returns, collect IRS-compliant e-signatures, and invoice your clients through TaxCaddy. The entire process is cloud-based and remote ready!

Our tax workflow automation software prevents burnout during the busy tax season by reducing workload compression.

SurePrep’s tax workflow automation software featured in the Interactive Demo:

  • TaxCaddy is SurePrep’s client collaboration platform. Streamline document gathering, client communication, invoicing, and tax return delivery.
  • 1040SCAN is SurePrep’s scan-and-populate solution. Organize your digital workpapers and use OCR to capture tax document data that exports directly to your tax software.
  • SPbinder is SurePrep’s workpaper management system. Prepare returns in cloud-based binders and reduce review time with bespoke preparation and review tools.


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