1040 Scan (Verify) and Populate

Professional Tax Automation Webinar by SurePrep

Verifying the accuracy of OCR’d data is a necessary part of most scan and populate solutions. In this session, we discuss several verification options including having it done by non-professional staff (temps, admin, etc.), interns, tax professionals and third-party outsourcers. 

1040 “Scan and Populate” solutions would be more accurately described as “Scan, Verify and Populate”.  It’s best practice to verify the accuracy of OCR’d source document data before it gets exported to tax software, but it can be challenging to prevent human verification from impacting your overall efficiency. The staff performing this verification step must be well trained, highly efficient and knowledgeable.

We’ll compare available options for the verification of OCR’d data in terms of:

  • Automation and efficiency
  • Workflow
  • Training and implementation

1040SCAN PRO and 1040SCANverify integrate with CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, GoSystem Tax, Lacerte and UltraTax.

View this recorded webinar to learn how this new technology works, and how you can use it to grow your firm’s bottom line.

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SurePrep's 1040 tax automation solutions are integrated with CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte, UltraTax.


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