The Next Generation Scan and Populate

Professional Tax Automation Webinar by SurePrep

Scan and populate solutions reduce data entry, but most require tax preparers to spend time verifying the OCR’d data since scan-and-populate solutions can’t guarantee 100% accuracy. Until now. In this session, learn how SurePrep’s new, patented technology eliminates that human verification. SurePrep is the only vendor to offer this cutting-edge scan and populate technology. We explain how the technology works from a technical perspective and discuss real-world data and examples of the benefits. We show how 1040SCAN increases efficiency and reduces costs by:

  • Recognizing 4 to 7 times more documents than competing scan and populate products
  • Automatically verifying the OCR accuracy of native PDFs

Native PDFs are different than the PDFs you create when you scan a paper document. Native PDFs are documents downloaded directly from your clients’ financial institutions, like a 1099 downloaded from the Schwab website. You’re probably already receiving native PDFs from clients via email, your portal or file sharing service. SurePrep’s new, patented auto-verification for native PDFs automatically verifies the accuracy of the data before importing to your tax software; no human verification required!

Decrease workload compression. Increase your bottom line.

A tax preparer typically spends 30 minutes or more verifying OCR’d data on a tax return with 50 pages of source documents. When using SurePrep’s next-generation solutions, since 2/3rds of the documents or more can be auto-verified, the human verification that used to take 30 minutes per return, will take just 11 minutes or less. Imagine the decrease in your staff’s workload compression and the improvement to your firm’s bottom line!

View this recorded webinar to learn how this new technology works, and how you can use it to grow your firm’s bottom line.

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SurePrep's 1040 tax automation solutions are integrated with CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte, UltraTax.


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