Boomer Advantage Guide to Simplifying Tax Time

Boomer Advantage Guide to Simplifying Tax Time

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Boomer Advantage Guide to Simplifying Tax Time

Boomer Advantage Guide to Simplifying Tax Time - Case Studies

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Updated June 2018 with 3 new case studies!

Despite their challenges and limitations, organizers play an important role in the tax preparation workflow for both clients and preparers. They give clients a list of income, deductions, and credits that they had last year to help them gather this year’s paperwork. The questionnaires and engagement letters included in an organizer minimize the firm’s liability from malpractice by asking certain, relevant questions.

Today, there is a new solution that simplifies tax time for both accounting firms and their clientsTaxCaddy, SurePrep’s new 1040 productivity solution, allows taxpayers to:

  • Answer organizer questions on a desktop, laptop, tablet or the TaxCaddy app for iPhone and Android.
  • Upload documents from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • Snap a picture of a document using the TaxCaddy app for iPhone and Android.
  • Link to over 300 financial institutions and payroll service providers to have TaxCaddy automatically retrieve 1098s, 1099s, W-2s and more.
  • Electronically review and sign engagement letters, e-file authorizations and other documents. The IRS requires e-signatures to prove that they are who they say they are using identity authentication. TaxCaddy’s e-signatures are 100% IRS compliant.

“TaxCaddy was very easy to use. Communicating with my tax preparer was quick and my return was completed within a couple of days. Loved the whole process!– a TaxCaddy user

Read what other TaxCaddy users had to say.

Your software (1040SCANverify) saved my tax season last year. It really was a life saver.

James J. Buss, CPA Buss CPA, P.C. President

I have had great success with SurePrep!!! It has been a big hit for my office. I took a return from prior year that we typically have about 19 hours in, this year we did the return in 8. That is start to finish. I call that a big win!

BKD CPAs & Advisors

(TaxCaddy) feedback has been very favorable and some of our taxpayers who are habitually very late to provide their information have already submitted all their information to prepare their return. It (TaxCaddy) facilitated some clients an easier method to collect and submit their documentation.

BKD CPAs & Advisors

1040SCANverify can be a lifesaver for extensions. If you’re in a crunch and you need to quickly calculate an extension payment for clients that have primarily standard documents, it [1040SCANverify] can quickly calculate the tax liability.

Beth Attebery, CPA The Henry Levy Group

1040SCAN PRO has bookmarked the whole file, perfectly entered interest, dividends and it’s done. With 1040SCAN PRO I’d say that I easily saved 50-75% of my time.

Susan Shusko, CPA Shusko Associates, LLP

SurePrep is humming this year. Thank you for a great product.

Blain Sanford, CPA, CEO Strategis CPAs & Consultants