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Introducing the SurePrep Tax Process + Customer Q&A

CPE credit for this session is offered through CPAacademy.org

The SurePrep Tax Process starts and ends with the taxpayer. SurePrep’s next generation 1040 productivity solution, TaxCaddy, uses proforma data from CCH Axcess Tax, CCH Global fx Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte and UltraTax to create a tailored questionnaire and document request list that eliminates the cost and inefficiency of paper organizers. 

Once your client provides the necessary documents through TaxCaddy they can be sent to 1040SCAN with the click of a button. 1040SCAN saves preparer time by automatically bookmarking, organizing and exporting data from three times as many documents as its competitors. Reviewers use SPbinder’s notes, annotations, cross-references and sign-offs to review the workpapers more efficiently than ever before. When the return is done your client can review it and e-sign the 8879, all from TaxCaddy.

CPE credit for this session is offered through CPAacademy.org
Thursday, September 20, 201811:00 AM PDT
Thursday, November 1, 2018, 11:00 AM PDT


ProSystem fx Scan + My1040Data vs 1040SCAN + TaxCaddy Competitive Analysis

CPE credit for this session is offered through CPAacademy.org

1040 tax preparation can be more streamlined and automated than ever before, but all solutions are NOT created equal. If you’re using ProSystem fx Tax for tax prep with ProSystem fx Scan and/or My1040Data or you plan to evaluate your options, this webinar is for you. We will show how (ProSytem fx Scan + My1040Data) and (1040SCAN + TaxCaddy) compare in terms of:

  • Client service (My1040Data vs TaxCaddy)
  • Source document coverage (Pfx Scan vs 1040SCAN)
  • Efficiency, accuracy, and automation
  • Tax workpaper preparation and review using SPbinder vs. Adobe Acrobat
  • Additional services like 1040SCANverify and full preparation outsourcing

CPE credit for this session is offered through CPAacademy.org
Tuesday, September 25, 2018, 11:00 PM PDT



Award Winning Innovations in 1040 Technology

CPE credit for this session is offered through CPAacademy.org

The integrated combination of TaxCaddy and SafeSendReturns provides the most streamlined 1040 process in the tax and accounting industry. Learn how in this informative webinar.

For decades, accounting firms have been sending paper engagement letters and using paper organizers to collect data and paper documents from taxpayers. Once the tax return was prepared, paper copies were snail-mailed to clients. These paper-based processes are costly, outdated and inefficient.

In this webinar, we will show how today’s forward-thinking firms are using the integrated combination of TaxCaddy and SafeSendReturns to dramatically streamline their 1040 processes and improve client service.

TaxCaddy – Eliminate the paper organizer with this automated, mobile 1040 solution (CPA Practice Advisor 2017 Technology Innovation Award Finalist) presented by David Wyle, SurePrep CEO
SafeSend Returns – The complete electronic tax return assembly and delivery system (CPA Practice Advisor 2017 Technology Innovation Award Winner) presented by Steve Dusablon, cPaperless CEO

CPE credit for this session is offered through CPAacademy.org
Tuesday, October 02, 201811:00 AM PDT



Your 1040 Clients Want Mobile Options. Are You Delivering?

CPE credit for this session is offered through CPAacademy.org

Like it or not, you’re probably receiving more photographs of 1040 source documents (W2s, 1099s, etc.) than ever before. Why? Because when a document is received in the mail, the easiest way for your client to deliver it to you is to pull out their phone and take a picture.

For years, banks have allowed customers to deposit checks by taking photos with the bank mobile phone app. However, unlike the inconsistent and usually low-quality photographs you receive from clients, bank mobile phone apps ensure high-quality scanned images.

Now, with TaxCaddy, you can offer the mobile convenience your clients demand while guaranteeing the high-quality images required by your paperless 1040 processes.

TaxCaddy was very easy to use and a great improvement over having to scan documents into a PDF and then upload into client portal. The ability to take a photo and submit it immediately was especially useful. Saved me a lot of time.” – A TaxCaddy user

CPE credit for this session is offered through CPAacademy.org
Wednesday, October 26, 201811:00 PM PDT



I have had great success with SurePrep!!! It has been a big hit for my office. I took a return from prior year that we typically have about 19 hours in, this year we did the return in 8. That is start to finish. I call that a big win!

BKD CPAs & Advisors

(TaxCaddy) feedback has been very favorable and some of our taxpayers who are habitually very late to provide their information have already submitted all their information to prepare their return. It (TaxCaddy) facilitated some clients an easier method to collect and submit their documentation.

BKD CPAs & Advisors

1040SCANverify can be a lifesaver for extensions. If you’re in a crunch and you need to quickly calculate an extension payment for clients that have primarily standard documents, it [1040SCANverify] can quickly calculate the tax liability.

Beth Attebery, CPA The Henry Levy Group

1040SCAN PRO has bookmarked the whole file, perfectly entered interest, dividends and it’s done. With 1040SCAN PRO I’d say that I easily saved 50-75% of my time.

Susan Shusko, CPA Shusko Associates, LLP

SurePrep is humming this year. Thank you for a great product.

Blain Sanford, CPA, CEO Strategis CPAs & Consultants

1040SCAN has helped us to standardize our workpapers, while moving the scanning and verification to administrative staff, freeing up professional staff to get the tax files done in less time.

Barbara Cooper, CPA, MBA Cooper Associates, LLC