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Is 1040 technology "worth it"? You've read about the many benefits of digital transformation, but what's the story in dollars and cents? Schedule a consultation with a SurePrep product expert to run projections in our ROI calculator.

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How does our ROI calculator work?

Based on real, anonymized SurePrep customer data

We asked real SurePrep customers to report their time savings, billing rates, and workflow distribution. The calculator assumes outcomes similar to the average savings experienced by SurePrep customers. (And yes, we eliminated outliers!)

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Our ROI calculator works with real, anonymized SurePrep customer data. Image shows a calculator with gears and calculations behind it.

How does 1040 scan-and-populate save you money?

1040 scan-and-populate saves you money through time savings & better staff leverage.

Time savings & leverage

SurePrep technology increases your profit margin in two ways: time savings and leverage. By automating manual, redundant tasks, your firm spends fewer billable hours per return. Leverage means shifting labor “down the ladder” (e.g., from reviewers to preparers), which makes the return less expensive. Our solutions are designed to save time and increase leverage.

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Who are SurePrep’s Customers?

Three of the Big 4, seven of the Top 10, fifty-eight of the Top 100, and approximately 2,000 small- to mid-sized firms use SurePrep solutions to automate their 1040 tax workflow.

Is your process compatible with SurePrep’s 1040 tax automation software? Our solutions work best for firms that collect client information up front and process returns without requiring clients to visit the office.

Our solutions integrate with iconOur solutions integrate with: CCH Axcess Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte, and UltraTax CS.

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  • Demonstrate exactly how SurePrep products save you time, increase leverage, and ultimately increase profit margins
  • Answer any and all questions you have about SurePrep’s solutions, implementation process, or customer resources

After you submit the form, someone will be in touch within 1 business day (usually 1 business hour) to schedule your consultation.

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