Automate workpaper preparation, data entry and review

1040SCAN PRO saves Paul Preparer time by automatically bookmarking, organizing and exporting data from three times as many documents as its competitors. 1040SCAN PRO dramatically reduces data entry by exporting to tax software (only integrated with CCH Axcess Tax, CCH Global fx Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte and UltraTax). Robin Reviewer uses SPbinder‘s notes, annotations, cross-references and sign-offs to review the workpapers more efficiently than ever before. Combine 1040SCAN PRO with TaxCaddy for a truly automated, end-to-end paperless tax process.

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Auto-verification for native PDFs!

1040SCAN’s new patent-pending technology compares the traditional OCR to the native PDF text layer and when OCR and the native PDF text layer match, the document is automatically verified with 100% accuracyNo human verification is required. No other solution provider offers this revolutionary new auto-verification technology.

A tax preparer typically spends 30 minutes or more verifying OCR’d data on a tax return with 50 pages of source documents. When using SurePrep’s next-generation solutions, since 2/3rds of the documents or more will be auto-verified, the human verification that used to take 30 minutes per return, will take just 11 minutes or less.


Key Benefits 1040SCAN ORG 1040SCAN PRO 1040SCANverify
Integrates with TaxCaddy
RESTful API available
Bookmarks and organizes 3x the documents
Reduces time spent creating tax workpapers
Identifies missing source documents
Eliminates human verification for native PDFs -
Exports standard document data to tax software -
Calculates state exemption for tax exempt interest -
Prevents duplicate data from exporting to tax software -
All standard document data verified by SurePrep before being exported - -
Minimizes training and implementation time - -
SurePrep's most popular offering - -

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SurePrep is the leader in 1040 productivity for CPA firms. We deliver seamless integration with CCH Axcess Tax, CCH Global fx Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, GoSystem Tax, Lacerte and UltraTax to automate and streamline the entire 1040 process for both the taxpayer and CPA. Our solutions are used by more than 19,000 tax professionals ranging from Big 4 firms to sole practitioners to reduce administrative costs, automate workpaper preparation, maximize review efficiency and improve client service. Our award-winning solutions deliver meaningful savings to the bottom line. But don't take our word for it, we used a third party to survey our customers.

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I use the following tax software...

Lacerte CCH Global fx / ProSystem fx / Axcess Tax UltraTax

1040SCAN PRO has bookmarked the whole file, perfectly entered interest, dividends and it’s done. With 1040SCAN PRO I’d say that I easily saved 50-75% of my time.

Susan Shusko, CPA Shusko Associates, LLP