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TaxCaddy is our next-generation 1040 productivity solution. TaxCaddy creates a tailored questionnaire and document request list to eliminate the cost and inefficiency of paper organizers. The questionnaire can be completed from any connected device. Documents like engagement letters and e-file authorizations can be e-signed. Your clients can use the TaxCaddy app for iPhone and Android to photo-scan paper documents and upload them as soon as they are received.

More than 300 banks, brokerages and payroll service providers can be linked to automatically retrieve 1098s, 1099s and W-2s as soon as they're issued. Because the documents are available to you immediately, you can start the return sooner than ever before.

Once your client provides the necessary documents through TaxCaddy they can be sent to 1040SCAN or our outsource service with the click of a button. When the return is done your client can review it and e-sign the 8879, all from TaxCaddy.


The TaxCaddy website for taxpayers explains the benefits of TaxCaddy to your clients. Visit


Key Benefits

  • Automated document request list based on taxpayer's proforma data
  • Tailored questionnaire that your clients can answer on any device
  • Tax return delivery
  • E-signature for documents like engagement letters
  • ID verification for forms like 8879 (100% IRS compliant)
  • Technology that your clients will use and love
  • Seamless integration with 1040SCAN and SurePrep's outsource service


1040SCANverify can be a lifesaver for extensions. If you’re in a crunch and you need to quickly calculate an extension payment for clients that have primarily standard documents, it [1040SCANverify] can quickly calculate the tax liability.

Beth Attebery, CPA The Henry Levy Group

1040SCAN PRO has bookmarked the whole file, perfectly entered interest, dividends and it’s done. With 1040SCAN PRO I’d say that I easily saved 50-75% of my time.

Susan Shusko, CPA Shusko Associates, LLP

SurePrep is humming this year. Thank you for a great product.

Blain Sanford, CPA, CEO Strategis CPAs & Consultants

1040SCAN has helped us to standardize our workpapers, while moving the scanning and verification to administrative staff, freeing up professional staff to get the tax files done in less time.

Barbara Cooper, CPA, MBA Cooper Associates, LLC