TaxCaddy Marketing Materials

Your clients are going to love TaxCaddy

One SurePrep customer achieved 96% client adoption of TaxCaddy! How will you maximize adoption? Use our TaxCaddy Marketing Materials!

We prepared a variety of materials for print, digital, and social so you can reach your clients wherever they are.

  • website for your clients
  • Style Guide
  • Multiple versions of the TaxCaddy logo for use in print and web
  • Branded social media images with key messages
  • Two printable brochure options (with or without your firm logo and contact info)
  • Communication templates to print as letters, use as emails, blog articles, and Twitter messages

Get your clients excited about collaborating with you on their tax return – now that’s a revolutionary concept!


TaxCaddy Website

TaxCaddy was designed from the taxpayer’s perspective and so was its dedicated website,! Click the button below to visit where your clients will learn about the ease of use, bank vault security and the many benefits of using TaxCaddy.



Printable Brochure

There’s nothing like the look and feel of a beautiful, printed brochure!

We designed a four-page, half fold brochure that you can mail to your clients and display in your reception area! It’s clear, concise, and it showcases the many benefits of using TaxCaddy.

You can print the brochure as-is or co-brand it with your firm logo and contact information. We include instructions on how to do just that!

TaxCaddy Printable Brochure

Style & Logo Guidelines

We love that you want to use the TaxCaddy logo on your marketing materials, and our Style Guide will help you get those ready as quickly as possible! The Style Guide defines specific guidelines that must be followed in order to maintain consistent branding. The guide details the use of colors, shapes, backgrounds, and spacing for the logo. We’ve also included several examples of improper logo usage.

The Style Guide will help your Graphic Designer get your TaxCaddy marketing materials ready quickly!


Social Media Messages

You may want to use Twitter, Facebook or other social media channels to market TaxCaddy to your clients. That’s why we’ve prepared social media images that speak to the benefits. The messages clearly illustrate how your clients can use TaxCaddy to automatically retrieve tax documents, snap a photo with the TaxCaddy app for iPhone and Android, E-Sign documents, send you messages, and answer your questionnaire.

Upload an image to your social media account, and share it with your clients. It’s that easy!


Communication Templates

You may want to use both digital and print materials to prepare your clients for TaxCaddy. Our communication templates make that easy!

Email: You may want to send an introductory email to your clients so we provide you with an easy-to-use email template.

Blog Article: If you have a blog on your website, we have an article ready to be published – “5 Tips to Simplify Tax Time”.

Letter: If you prefer to send a letter in the mail, you can print our “Welcome and Instructions Letter Template”, and send it to your clients.

Twitter: A well crafted Twitter message can speak volumes. Use our sample message, or craft your own with the #Taxcaddy hashtag. Don’t forget to tag us with @TaxCaddy in your messages!