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SurePrep delivers seamless integration with your existing tax software to automate and streamline the entire 1040 process for both the taxpayer and tax professional.

View the 2 minute overview video below:

Overview Video SurePrep Tax Process

TaxCaddy Transforms the Gather Phase of the Process

TaxCaddy eliminates the paper organizer and dramatically improves the client experience

Overview Video TaxCaddy

Your clients want convenient, mobile options that portals and paper organizers don’t deliver. That’s why we designed TaxCaddy with the taxpayer in mind!

TaxCaddy uses proforma data in your tax software (CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte, UltraTax) to create a tailored questionnaire and document request list. TaxCaddy makes it easy for Tom Taxpayer to deliver his documents, data, and e-signatures. When Tom receives paper documents like automobile registration notices, property tax bills, and charitable donation receipts, he photo-scans them with the TaxCaddy app for iPad, iPhone and Android. No more unsecure, emailed photographs!

Alice Admin no longer needs to print and mail organizers, or receive and scan source documents. Everything is requested and delivered through TaxCaddy.

View the 20 second videos below to learn more about TaxCaddy's highlights!

Document Request List

TaxCaddy uses proforma data from your tax software to deliver a custom document request list to each client.


Easily obtain electronic signatures for engagement letters, statements of work, Form 8879, and more.


Keep all tax return related communication in one place, and within the context of the tax documents. No more emails!

Mobile Scan and Upload

The TaxCaddy app for iPad, iPhone and Android scans documents to PDF with desktop scanner quality.


Provide a simple, tailored questionnaire that your clients can answer on any device, from anywhere.

Smart Links

Get access to your client’s source documents the same day they’re issued from more than 300 financial institutions.

1040SCAN Transforms the Preparation Phase of the Process

1040SCAN’s industry leading document coverage and auto-verification for native PDFs reduces or eliminates data entry

Overview Video 1040SCAN

1040SCAN is the most advanced scan-organize-and-populate system in the tax and accounting industry. 1040SCAN’s industry-leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) automatically bookmarks, organizes, and exports data from 4 to 7 times as many documents as the competition. We even offer an optional service to verify OCR’d source document data for accuracy before it gets exported to your tax software so your staff doesn’t have to.

1040SCAN’s newly patented auto-verification technology verifies native PDFs with 100% accuracy. No human verification is required. No other solution provider offers this patented, revolutionary, auto-verification technology.

Eliminate data entry and reduce tax season workload compression with 1040SCAN!

View the videos below to learn more about 1040SCAN's highlights!

Available in Four Versions

1040SCAN is a solution for the full range of return types - from simple, to the most complex.

Industry-Leading Document Coverage

1040SCAN automates 4-7 times as many documents as the competition.

Next-Generation Scan and Populate

Patented, auto-verification for native PDFs. 100% Accuracy. No human verification.

SPbinder Transforms the Review Phase of the Process

Increase the eficiency, productivity, and profitability of your practice with a bespoke workpaper system created for tax return preparation

Overview Video SPbinder

SPbinder is SurePrep’s award-winning tax workpaper system that maximizes profitability and leverage by reducing reviewer time. Workpapers are automatically organized into a standardized index that follows the flow of the tax return and can include PDF, Excel, Word & Email workpapers.

Robin Reviewer can view workpaper completion based on up to four levels of sign-offs across all file types. Hyper-linked cross-references allow Robin to instantly drill down from an amount in one workpaper to its source in another, regardless of file type. Tickmarks and annotations simplify workpaper review by documenting all work completed by the preparer.

SPbinder can be purchased standalone and it’s included with all versions of 1040SCAN.

View the 20 second videos below to learn more about SPbinder's highlights!

Automated & Standardized Workpapers

SPbinder automatically creates a standardized workpaper index that follows the flow of the tax return.

Four Levels of Workpaper Sign-Offs

View workpaper completion based on up to four levels of sign-offs across all file types – PDF, Excel, Word & Email.

Tickmarks & Annotations

Allow preparers to document all work completed with standardized tickmarks and annotations for PDF, Excel, Word and Email workpapers.

Hyperlinked Cross-References

Cross-references allow reviewers to drill down from an amount in one workpaper to its source in another, regardless of file type.

Workpaper Notes

Track all open items and review notes in one central location. View all workpapers organized by note type or status.

OCR-Enabled Calculator

Click-drag-calculate. Extract and reference amounts directly from source documents. Paste the calculator tape with one click.


Drill down from the tax return to underlying source documents. Demystify the source of each amount!

TaxCaddy Transforms the Deliver Phase of the Process

From start to finish, TaxCaddy streamlines your process and improves the taxpayer experience

Overview Video TaxCaddy

TaxCaddy facilitates the delivery of tax returns, estimated payment vouchers and invoice payments.

Once the tax return is prepared and finalized it’s delivered in TaxCaddy. Just drag-and-drop the PDF for your clients’ approval and final storage. Your client can even electronically sign the 8879 with Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) so it’s 100% IRS compliant.

Allow clients to pay your fees quickly and easily when they receive their tax return and accept payments by credit card and ACH.

TaxCaddy also integrates with SafeSend Returns.

View the videos below to learn more about TaxCaddy's highlights!

Tax Return Delivery

Drag and drop the tax return PDF for your client’s approval and storage. Integrated with SafeSend Returns!


Allow your clients to easily pay their invoice from any location using credit card or ACH as soon as you deliver the return.

SafeSend Returns Integration

TaxCaddy is integrated with SafeSend Returns, an award-winning tax return assembly and delivery solution.

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