Trends in 1040 Tax Preparation Survey Results

Firms that prepare 1040s face the annual challenge of scaling their process to manage workload compression during tax season. In addition to securely receiving sensitive client information, firms must transform an enormous amount of data from various types of documents into an accurate portrayal of tax obligation. To better understand these challenges, Gatepoint Research and SurePrep LLC have partnered to conduct research on trends in 1040 tax preparation. The goal of this ongoing survey is to ascertain what firms are doing to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of their process, which tools they use, and what changes they anticipate.

Survey Results

The data in this PDF represent responses gathered between September and December 2020, during which time 216 executives participated. Respondents are comprised of select professionals in the public accounting industry (CPA Firms). SurePrep customers were not included in this survey so SurePrep solutions are not represented in the survey results.

This survey asked respondents to report:

What tax software do they use? Do they use a scan and populate solution? Which one?
How do clients share documents and data with the firm?
What does their workflow look like, and do they consider it to be efficient?
What changes would improve their process, and are they planning to make changes soon?

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