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Announcing the next generation scan-and-populate: 100% accuracy, no human verification

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Scan-and-populate solutions reduce data entry, but most require tax preparers to spend time verifying the OCR’d data since scan-and-populate solutions can’t guarantee 100% accuracy. In this session, attendees will learn about a new technology that eliminates that human verification. We’ll explain how the technology works from a technical perspective and discuss real-world data and examples of the benefits. We will show how 1040SCAN reduces verification time and cost by:

  • Automatically identifying non-standard documents and removing them from verification
  • Eliminating the need to verify native PDFs like those received directly from the banks, brokerages and payroll service providers and more
  • SurePrep’s solutions are integrated with CCH Axcess Tax, CCH Global fx, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte, UltraTax CS.

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