Managing The Change To Automated Tax Workpapers

By Raj Kapur, Executive Vice President, Center for Project Management

The benefits of paperless tax preparation are clear: Automating the organization and entry of client tax documents is far more efficient than working by hand. Going paperless saves time and money, and allows administrators or junior staff members to do high-value activities that used to require experienced tax preparers. This whitepaper outlines a five-phase change management methodology and implementation tool kit by which your firm can plan, implement, and sustain the transition to a paperless tax workflow.

Learn about the 5-phase methodology to successful change management, that starts with analyzing your current state, and getting organized with a project charter, value proposition, and specific hardware and software needs for your firm. After the initial due diligence, firms need to organize an effective project team that will manage the internal change, and collaboration with external partners, like SurePrep.

Your project team has to effectively communicate the vision and value throughout the firm across all leadership and staff levels, and put into place a structured implementation plan. To ensure the process will meet the firm's needs in the future, the firm needs to embrace continuous training, resolving questions and concerns effectively, supporting value visibility, and embedding long-term continuous process improvements as a way to do business.

*Milestone Checklists included for each phase of the change management process.

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