Maximize Review Efficiency with SPbinder's Workpaper Leadsheets

Tax workpaper software like SPbinder wasn’t always around. Before CPA firms transitioned to the “paperless office,” preparers used workpaper leadsheets to tie amounts on 1040 tax returns to their related source documents. But even though leadsheets were convenient for reviewers, some firms were hesitant to use them because they required extra time on the preparer end. SPbinder is the first and only tax workpaper software that fully transitions leadsheets into the digital age. That’s because SPbinder is a bespoke workpaper system designed specifically with tax professionals in mind. It allows users to track changes and cross-reference all file types, including PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and E-Mails—all the common formats for tax workpapers. This functionality not only makes leadsheets relevant again, but invaluable.

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