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Even the most advanced tax preparation scan and populate technology requires human verification. SurePrep clients can skip the OCR verification step for native PDFs, but for non-native PDFs, a human being must verify that the data extracted from source documents like W-2s, 1099s, 1098s, etc. is accurate before exporting to tax software. For some firms, the time and staffing commitment involved in OCR verification can put a significant strain on resources, and not all firms are interested in a full preparation Outsource service.

SurePrep's 1040SCANverify is a more affordable middle ground between full preparation outsource and traditional scan and populate. This software and service hybrid outsources only the human OCR verification, while still allowing your in-house staff to work on the more complex areas of the return. With 1040SCANverify and 1040SCANverify+ you can get 80% of the work done for 20% of the cost of full preparation outsource. That’s why 1040SCANverify has become the fastest-growing and most popular SurePrep offering.

In this whitepaper, we’ll take a detailed look at 1040SCANverify’s features, explore the benefits of using SurePrep’s OCR verification service, and present two case studies from satisfied and successful clients. As an additional tool to help you evaluate the potential return on your 1040SCANverify investment, we’ve included an ROI Calculator.

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