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CPA Firm Management Association

SurePrep has been a CPA Firm Management Association member since 2014

Our partnership with the CPA Firm Management Association

We’ve been building relationships with CPA Firm Management Association member firms since SurePrep was founded in 2002, and we’ve been a member since 2014. At sponsored events, through webinars, and local meetings we use a consultative approach to help you improve the efficiency and profitability of your accounting firms and tax practice.

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A CPA Firm Management Association member and Lacerte user said that SurePrep's solutions increased their 1040 realizations rate by 10-14%.

Are SurePrep solutions right for your firm?

There’s an easy way to find out. Our simple, 5-question fit assessment tool will determine whether your tax software, firm structure, and goals are compatible with SurePrep solutions. You’ll receive an instant compatibility report with personalized product details.

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