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Read how customers ranging from Top 10 firms to sole practitioners have optimized their 1040 tax process with SurePrep solutions.


Sorge CPA

Solutions in Focus: 1040SCAN, SPbinder
Sorge CPA adopted SurePrep's 1040SCAN & SPbinder to standardize their tax workflows according to best practices & tax workflow automations.

"We've been able to reduce our partners' time while still maintaining revenue. Going forward, we have a really nice and inexpensive workflow."

— Ken Sorge, CPA, MST

Huth Thompson LLP

Solutions in Focus: 1040SCAN, SPbinder
Huth Thompson had already made the leap to a paperless process, but they were still looking for a solution that would scan, organize, and populate data at an highly efficient rate with an emphasis on standardization. We spoke with Cindy Bupp, EA, Manager, to discuss why 1040SCAN was the right solution for their firm’s proactive, diligent tax philosophy.

It would be 7-10 days in peak time for a return to get through review. Now we're looking at 3 or 4.

— Cindy Bupp, EA Manager, Huth Thompson LLP

Beasley, Mitchell & Co.

Solutions in Focus: 1040SCAN, SPbinder
When Brad Beasley, Leading Partner at Beasley, Mitchell & Co. decided it was time to make the leap into the digital age, he was initially skeptical if an automated 1040 tax automation process could outperform the paper-based system they had spent years perfecting. However, switching to 1040SCAN PRO and SPbinder has accomplished exactly that. They’re now a faster, more efficient firm better suited for the modern era.

It works fantastic. For what we need it to do, SurePrep does an absolutely amazing job and I just don’t see how we could go back to manually [preparing returns].

— Brad Beasley, Partner, Beasley, Mitchell, & Co.

Bradshaw, Gordon & Clinkscales, LLC

Solutions in Focus: 1040SCAN, SPbinder
We spoke with Ricky Adams, Tax Manager at Bradshaw, Gordon & Clinkscales, LLC about choosing SurePrep’s 1040 tax document automation solutions to achieve the firm’s goals. Ricky discussed the keys to 1040 tax return productivity and noted that their realization rates improved across the board. 1040SCAN ORGANIZE’s automatic bookmarking and standardization alone saves them as much as 30 minutes per-return.

We’re not having to sort through workpapers as they come through the door. Our preparers can simply find what they’re looking for at the click of a mouse.

Ricky Adams, Tax Manager, Bradshaw, Gordon, & Clinkscales, LLC


Solutions in Focus: TaxCaddy, 1040SCAN, SPbinder
In this success story, BDO explains how they leverage a mixture of SurePrep solutions to vastly improve every facet of their 1040 process. By combining TaxCaddy, 1040SCAN, and SPbinder to streamline and automate their end-to-end tax workflow, they’ve been able to increase productivity, improve client service and make more efficient use of time and talent.

By combining SurePrep's technology with our own standardized processes and best practices, we effectively addressed some of the most pressing demands on today's accounting and tax firms.

— Matt Becker, National Tax Managing Partner

Taxpayer Success Story: Kevin Frank

Solutions in Focus: TaxCaddy
Kevin Frank is a taxpayer who recently moved away from his local CPA firm and wondered how he could still deliver documents and get assistance without dropping by their office. Thankfully, the firm was in the process of implementing TaxCaddy, a new solution to facilitate electronic document delivery, messaging, and e-signatures. Kevin’s experience with TaxCaddy is a testament to the benefits of client mobile tax technology.

When you work morning to night, no one wants to come home and be stuck doing taxes all night. TaxCaddy shortens the process tenfold.

— Kevin Frank, TaxCaddy user

Shusko Associates, LLP

Solutions in Focus: 1040SCAN, SPbinder
In this Success Story we interviewed Susan Shusko, CPA of Shusko Associates, LLP. Susan’s client base had grown significantly over the years, making each tax season more and more difficult. She decided that switching to a digital 1040 automation solution was a necessity, which led her to discover SurePrep. Now she’s able to manage her increased workload without having to sacrifice additional time.

With 1040SCAN PRO I’d say that I easily saved 50-75% of my time.

—Susan Shusko, Partner, Shusko Associates, LLP

Kelling, Bocovich & Co., LTD

Solutions in Focus: 1040SCAN
David Kelling, CPA and President of Kelling, Bocovich & Co., LTD knows all too well the inefficiencies of working with paper files. Just a few years ago, his firm still supported a paper-heavy tax workflow. But not anymore… “We used to spend a lot of time shifting papers back and forth. This was the biggest […]

I went back to the year before we did any scanning and compared hours. We dropped about 20%  on hours spent processing roughly the same amount of tax returns.

— David Kelling, CPA and President, Kelling, Bocovich & Co., LTD


Sassetti LLC

Solutions in Focus: TaxCaddy, 1040SCAN, SPbinder
We spoke with Susan Penno, Partner at Sassetti LLC Her firm was in the process of merging and needed to implement a way to share documents between two offices. SurePrep’s digital 1040 tax solutions gave them the flexibility to collaborate between multiple locations, improve efficiency, and productivity, and increase standardization.

It doesn’t matter which office the client dropped [documents] off at. Once it’s scanned and in SPbinder we can flex the work over to a preparer in a different office.

— Susan Penno, Partner, Sassetti LLC

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