Eliminate the paper organizer and increase client satisfaction.

Our solutions integrate with: CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte, and UltraTax CS.
TaxCaddy reduces workload compression

Reduce Workload Compression

TaxCaddy lets taxpayers upload documents throughout the year rather than storing them in a pile and mailing them in all at once. TaxCaddy even retrieves documents the day they’re issued. Since you get access to documents earlier in tax season, workload compression is dramatically reduced.

Streamline Gathering

TaxCaddy creates an automated document request list based on the proforma data in your tax software so clients can easily keep track of which documents have already been uploaded and which they still need to provide.
TaxCaddy Improves the client experience

Improve the Client Experience

While other tax document organizers and online portals were built with only the firm’s goals in mind, TaxCaddy is designed to simplify the process for taxpayers as well. TaxCaddy offers native iOS and Android apps, mobile photoscanning, e-signatures, and automated document retrieval to address the needs of the modern taxpayer and strengthen their bond with your firm.

Simplify Delivery

When the return is complete, TaxCaddy makes it instantly available to the client for approval along with tax payment vouchers and your firm’s invoice. Clients can then sign off and make payments directly from the TaxCaddy app.

Just looking for a tax return delivery solution? You’ve got options!

Most firms use TaxCaddy to both request and receive documents from clients and deliver the tax return and other deliverables. However, for firms that are only interested in specific features of TaxCaddy, we offer Gather and Deliver as separate options.

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Experience the entire SurePrep tax process from start to finish. This interactive demonstration will walk you through TaxCaddy, 1040SCAN, and SPbinder from your team's perspective and that of your clients.
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"It was so easy to take photos of all of the documents to send on. It saved me a tremendous amount of time. Made tax season less stressful!"
– A taxpayer user of TaxCaddy
92% of organizations agreed that:
“By offering technology options like TaxCaddy, we provide a better experience to our clients.”
"Almost every one of my clients that I sent the brochure to used it and loved it. I will be requiring those that have used the portal in the past to convert to TaxCaddy."
– Partner, mid-size accounting firm

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