We are pleased to announce that Thomson Reuters, a leading provider of business information services, has acquired SurePrep.

Thomson Reuters will be a great home for SurePrep. We will work with Thomson Reuters to continue providing the highest level of service and quality products. The innovative products, technology, culture and talent from SurePrep will help deliver even greater value to our customers. As Thomson Reuters continues building an open, smart and connected platform, we share a vision to simplify tax professionals’ workflows with their clients, while saving them both time and costs. Thomson Reuters is committed to maintaining SurePrep’s ability to interoperate with multiple vendors across an open tax software ecosystem.

Any changes should be invisible to customers, who can continue to look to SurePrep for the high-quality products and services they have come to expect. Customers can contact the SurePrep sales and service team as they normally do for any questions or needs.

For more information, visit the news release or a recently recorded video from our CEO David Wyle and Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting President, Elizabeth Beastrom, where they discuss why we feel this transaction will be beneficial to you, our customers.

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