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Eliminate the paper organizer and increase client satisfaction

Your clients want convenient, mobile options that the paper organizer doesn’t deliver. That’s why we designed TaxCaddy with the taxpayer in mind!

TaxCaddy uses proforma data in your existing tax software (CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte, UltraTax) to create a tailored questionnaire and document request list. Your clients can use the TaxCaddy app for iPhone and Android to complete the questionnaire when it’s convenient for them.

More than 300 banks, brokerages and payroll service providers can be linked to automatically retrieve 1098s, 1099s and W-2s as soon as they’re issued. Because the documents are available to you immediately, you can start the return sooner than ever before.

Your clients will love TaxCaddy’s e-signatures, in-app messaging and user-friendly design. You can even invoice your clients when you deliver the tax return. It’s a breeze to set up and simple to use.


TaxCaddy is a mobile 1040 tax solution available on all devices
CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award Finalist for 2017 and 2018

(TaxCaddy) feedback has been very favorable and some of our taxpayers who are habitually very late to provide their information have already submitted all their information to prepare their return. It (TaxCaddy) facilitated some clients an easier method to collect and submit their documentation.

BKD CPAs & Advisors

Automated Document Request List

Benefit to you

TaxCaddy saves time by using proforma data to automatically generate a customized Document Request list for each client.

TaxCaddy Features Automatic Document Request List

Benefit to your client

TaxCaddy provides an easy way for your clients to see which documents you require to prepare their tax return, which ones they’ve provided, and which document requests are still pending.


Benefit to you

Easily obtain electronic signatures for engagement letters, consent forms, statements of work, Form 8879 and more!

TaxCaddy Features E-signature on all devices

Benefit to your client

Your clients can electronically sign documents from any location on any device – PC, Mac, tablet and the TaxCaddy app for iPad, iPhone and Android.


Benefit to you

Keep all tax return related communication in one place, and within the context of the tax documents. No more emails!

Taxcaddy Messaging ensures seamless collaboration with clients

Benefit to your client

Clients provide quick answers since TaxCaddy’s messaging is so convenient. Questions can be asked and answered from any device – PC, Mac, tablet and the TaxCaddy app for iPad, iPhone and Android.


Benefit to you

No more emailed photographs! The TaxCaddy app for iPad, iPhone and Android scans documents to PDF with desktop scanner quality.

TaxCaddy Features Mobile Photoscanning

Benefit to your clients

When your clients receive paper documents in the mail they simply use the TaxCaddy app for iPhone and Android to photoscan and upload the document. Shred the paper!


Benefit to you

Provide a simple, tailored questionnaire that your clients can answer on any device – PC, Mac, tablet and the TaxCaddy app for iPad, iPhone and Android.

TaxCaddy mobile Questionnaire for 1040 Tax Return automation

Benefit to your client

Using the TaxCaddy app for iPad, iPhone and Android, clients can answer your questionnaire when it’s most convenient for them (e.g., sitting in a movie theater waiting for the movie to start!)

Smart Links

Benefit to you

Get access to your client’s source documents the same day they’re issued from more than 300 financial institutions (e.g., a 1099 from Schwab).

TaxCaddy Smart Links for same-day document delivery

Benefit to your client

TaxCaddy does the work for your clients by automatically retrieving documents year-round without your clients lifting a finger!

Payments and Invoicing

Benefit to you

Associate the value you’re delivering with the payment for your service. Ask for payment when you deliver the tax return.

TaxCaddy easy and mobile Invoicing for clients

Benefit to your client

Your client can quickly and easily pay their invoice from any location with a credit card or ACH!

SafeSend Returns Integration

Benefit to you

Combining the power of SafeSend Returns™ with the unique automated document retrieval technology of TaxCaddy is a game-changer for accounting firms looking to transform historically tedious processes.

SafeSend Returns integrates with TaxCaddy – Instructional Video

Benefit to your client

SafeSend Returns™ is an award-winning tax return assembly and delivery solution that presents information to the taxpayer in an intuitive, step-by-step process.

TaxCaddy is very easy to use. I have been with my tax guy for over 30 years. A couple of years ago he moved to an online process that made me feel like I was doing my own taxes. That’s what I pay him for. I don’t want to do it. At the time I considered finding a new accountant. Since I had been with him for decades, I gave him another shot. Then came TaxCaddy and his long term client was saved.

A TaxCaddy user

TaxCaddy Marketing Materials

Do you want to introduce TaxCaddy to your clients? Take advantage of our customized TaxCaddy Marketing Materials to convey the right message, at the right time, right from the start.

Materials include a taxpayer website (, a printable brochure for your office, logos, social media messages, email and letter templates, and a Style Guide.

Your clients will love TaxCaddy! Let us help you make the introduction.

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Solid, safe and secure

Trusted by some of the largest CPA firms in the world

TaxCaddy leverages Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure to ensure data security through encrypted communications, threat management and mitigation practices, including regular penetration testing.

TaxCaddy uses Amazon Web Services for secure, reliable storage. Your documents are encrypted in transit and at rest using Amazon’s best-in-class Secure Socket Layer and Server Side Encryption technologies.

TaxCaddy has been independently audited, tested and validated by C-Level Security, LLC. The C-Level Certified Seal verifies that TaxCaddy employs the strictest security steps for safeguarding your data.

What are taxpayers saying about TaxCaddy?

"TaxCaddy was a significant improvement over the prior years of both gathering and disseminating the required information to my tax professionals. This made the tax season less burdensome and thus I am looking forward to using TaxCaddy next year."


Feedback collected by TechValidate, an independent 3rd party survey provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the software IRS Approved for electronic signatures?

Yes, TaxCaddy uses knowledge-based authentication to verify your client’s identity at the time of signing documents that require IRS-approved identity verification like the e-file authorization.

Can my clients add documents like Word and Excel or are they required to upload PDF?

Yes, your clients can upload these formats into TaxCaddy. When your clients receive paper documents they can use the TaxCaddy app for iPhone and Android to photo-scan and upload the documents as PDF.

Can a client still provide hard copies of their documents even though they have a TaxCaddy account?

Yes. If you receive hard copies of documents from your client, you can scan and upload those documents directly to your client’s TaxCaddy account.

What type of support is provided?

Unlimited e-mail, live chat, telephone and GoToMeeting support is provided free of charge to all current customers. Customers can contact our support department in the SurePrep Help Center:

TaxCaddy Feature and Benefit Videos

Automated Document Request List



Mobile Scan and Upload


Smart Links

Tax Return Delivery


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Your 1040 clients want mobile options!

Like it or not, you’re probably receiving more photographs of 1040 source documents (W2s, 1099s, etc.) than ever before. View this webinar to learn how TaxCaddy puts a desktop-quality scanner in your client’s pocket.

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