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The most productive 1040 tax automation solution

SurePrep makes your 1040 tax practice more productive and profitable. We are the leader in 1040 automation for CPA firms. Our solutions are not secondary products in a tax software suite — they’re our primary focus. That’s why we automate the processing of three to five times as many documents as our competitors and streamline the collection of those documents with software your clients will use and love.

The combination of TaxCaddy1040SCAN and SPbinder allows you to get more work done in less time while improving client service.

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The End-to-End 1040 Digital Tax Return

SurePrep Webinars

A completely digital, end-to-end 1040 tax return process lowers costs, increases efficiency and improves the client experience. This 48 minute software demonstration shows how the combination of TaxCaddy, 1040SCAN and SPbinder streamlines the entire process.


Eliminate the Paper Organizer with TaxCaddy

TaxCaddy - mobile 1040 tax return software for CPA firms

TaxCaddy helps Tom Taxpayer gather tax documents year-round, and Alice Admin to save time. When Tom receives items like automobile registration notices, property tax bills and charitable donation receipts he photo-scans them with the TaxCaddy app for iPhone and Android. At the same time, Alice Admin no longer needs to print and mail organizers, or receive and scan source documents. Everything is requested and delivered through TaxCaddy.

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Automate Preparation with 1040SCAN

Fully integrated with TaxCaddy, and includes license for SPbinder.

1040SCAN is the most advanced scan-organize-and-populate system in the tax and accounting industry. If you want to automate tax workpaper preparation and eliminate data entry into your tax software there is no better solution than 1040SCAN.

1040SCAN’s industry-leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) automatically bookmarks, organizes and exports data from four to seven times as many documents as the competition. We even offer an optional service to verify OCR’d source document data for accuracy before it gets exported to your tax software.

1040SCAN’s new patent-pending technology compares the traditional OCR to the native PDF text layer and when OCR and the native PDF text layer match, the document is automatically verified with 100% accuracyNo human verification is required. No other solution provider offers this revolutionary new auto-verification technology.

1040SCAN works with TaxCaddy and SPbinder to streamline the entire 1040 process for you and your clients.

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Auto-verification for native PDFs

100% Accuracy. No Human Verification required.


Reduce Workload Compression

1040SCAN integrates with TaxCaddy to provide documents as soon as they are issued, and reduce workload compression during tax season.


Optimize Document Processing

Automatically bookmark, organize, and export data from 4x – 7x more documents than the competition.

1040SCAN Covers 4x – 7x the Documents as Competitors

Streamline Review with SPbinder

The most productive tax workpaper system in the industry

SPbinder as part of the 1040 SurePrep Tax Process

SPbinder is SurePrep’s award-winning tax workpaper system that maximizes profitability and leverage by reducing reviewer time. Workpapers are automatically organized into a standardized index that follows the flow of the tax return and can include PDF, Excel, Word & Email workpapers.

SPbinder can be purchased standalone and it’s included with all versions of 1040SCAN.

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Speed-Up Review

Standardized workpaper organization and tickmarking tools speed up review, and save time.


Find the Source

Hyper-linked cross-references across all file types (PDF, Excel, Word & Email workpapers) makes getting to the source of any number a breeze.


Keep Track of Changes

Up to four levels of workpaper sign-offs across all file types (PDF, Excel, Word & Email workpapers) make it easy to know where you left off or what’s changed since your last review.


Deliver and Invoice with TaxCaddy

TaxCaddy - mobile 1040 tax return software for CPA firms

When the return is done, Alice simply uploads PDFs of the tax return and 8879 to TaxCaddy.

Tom reviews his return and e-signs the 8879 with supreme ease and convenience. Tom loves how TaxCaddy simplifies tax time.

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