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SurePrep 30-day pilot opportunity

SurePrep is working closely with the Moore North America team and has developed a collective evaluation process for Moore North America member firms for 2020. This will allow member firms to leverage the knowledge and experience across the network to allow firm leadership to make greater progress, more quickly. As a member of Moore North America, your firm can take advantage of our 30-Day Pilot Opportunity to utilize SurePrep’s industry-leading tax automation solutions, and experience the benefit of a frictionless workflow on your staff and your clients!

To take advantage of this offer or to learn more, submit the form below. A SurePrep Account Manager will reach out to you within 24 hours.

The deadline to register for the pilot program is Friday, December 4. A Moore North America pilot kickoff meeting will take place the week of December 11, exact day and time TBD.

  • 10 free TaxCaddy units (basic usage)
  • 10 free 1040SCAN ORGANIZE or 1040SCAN PRO returns, or 2 1040SCANverify returns (up to 250 total pages)
  • Split-fee Multi-Firm Training
  • Weekly One-on-One call with firm advocates and your SurePrep Client Success Team
  • 20% Software Discount

10 FREE TaxCaddy ‘basic usage’ units

Eliminate the paper organizer, and delight clients with a mobile 1040 client collaboration platform that enables work from anywhere, at any time.

Your clients will be impressed with the modern, intuitive experience provided by TaxCaddy’s mobile app and website. Clients can quickly review their Document Request List and provide answers to the Questionnaire from the palm of their hand. TaxCaddy will even retrieve tax documents the day they’re issued from leading financial institutions. TaxCaddy’s messaging feature keeps your team a click away and alerts clients with mobile notifications. TaxCaddy has simplified tax time for nearly 60,000 taxpayers! They love telling us about how much easier tax season has become!


1040SCAN ORGANIZE, 1040SCAN PRO, or 1040SCANverify

1040SCAN’s industry-leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) automatically bookmarks, organizes and exports data from 4–7 times as many documents as alternatives. Only SurePrep offers patented AI-powered technology that auto-verifies OCR data for 65% of standard documents. SurePrep customers see the savings in their bottom line!

The offer is for 10 free 1040SCAN ORGANIZE or 1040SCAN PRO units (or combination of up to 10 units). Or, if you would like to test 1040SCANverify we’re offering two free 1040SCANverify unites (up to 250 total pages).

Multi-firm training

As part of this unique offer, you will receive MULTI-FIRM TRAINING for Moore NA members for a flat fee of $2,595 split evenly across the firms that participate.

Weekly one-on-one call

In addition to the multi-firm training you will receive guidance and coaching during a WEEKLY ONE-ON-ONE CALL with your firm advocates and the SurePrep Customer Success Team.

20% software discount

After evaluation completes, your firm can purchase software with the 20% Moore NA software discount.