Why Does 1040SCANverify Popularity Continue to Trend Up?

Professional Tax Automation Webinar by SurePrep

Scan and populate solutions drive meaningful savings to the bottom line and SurePrep’s unique 1040SCANverify option continues to increase in popularity. In this 30-minute session, we discuss what makes 1040SCANverify the most productive, and easy to implement scan and populate solution in the tax and accounting industry.

1040SCANverify is a combination of software and service. With any scan-and-populate software, it’s a best practice to verify OCR’d source document data for accuracy before it gets exported to tax software. If the data validation is not done properly, the efficiency gains you’re looking for may be lost. With 1040SCANverify, we perform the verification for you. We’ll speak with two SurePrep customers about the following:

  • What is 1040SCANverify and what common issues does it address?
  • What makes 1040SCANverify unique?
  • What was it like getting started with 1040SCANverify?

1040SCANverify benefits from the most cutting edge Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in the tax and accounting industry. In August of 2019, SurePrep was granted two additional patents for its auto-verification technology which ensures the data being extracted from natice PDFs is 100% accurate before it gets exported to your tax software. No human verification required. SurePrep is the only company offering this technology.

1040SCANverify allows you to dramatically reduce tax season workload compression and get the most out of the leading scan and populate solution. Learn more in this informative webinar!

View this recorded webinar to learn how this new technology works, and how you can use it to grow your firm’s bottom line.

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