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Standardized tax workpapers

SPbinder is SurePrep’s award-winning workpaper system that maximizes profitability and leverage by reducing reviewer time. Workpapers are automatically organized into a standardized index that follows the flow of the tax return and can include PDF, Excel, Word & Email workpapers.

Robin Reviewer can view workpaper completion based on up to four levels of sign-offs across all file types. Tickmarks and annotations simplify workpaper review by documenting all work completed by the preparer. Cross-references allow Robin to drill down from an amount in one workpaper to its source in another, regardless of file type (PDF, Excel, Word & Email). Leadsheets facilitate a top-down review by enabling drill-down from tax return amounts to their underlying source documents.

SPbinder can be purchased stand-alone and it’s included with all three versions of 1040SCAN: 1040SCANverify, 1040SCAN PRO and 1040SCAN ORGANIZE.


Key Benefits

  • The most advanced tax workpaper system on the market
  • Supports PDF, Excel, Word and Email workpapers
  • Up to four levels of rights-based sign-offs
  • Customizable tickmarks and annotations can be used across all file types
  • Included with all three versions of 1040SCAN
  • Efficient review with hyperlinked cross-references across all file types
  • Open items, review notes and items for roll-forward
  • Optional leadsheets


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SurePrep is the leader in 1040 productivity for CPA firms. We deliver seamless integration with CCH Axcess Tax, CCH Global fx Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, GoSystem Tax, Lacerte and UltraTax to automate and streamline the entire 1040 process for both the taxpayer and CPA. Our solutions are used by more than 19,000 tax professionals ranging from Big 4 firms to sole practitioners to reduce administrative costs, automate workpaper preparation, maximize review efficiency and improve client service. Our award-winning solutions deliver meaningful savings to the bottom line. But don't take our word for it, we used a third party to survey our customers.

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