SPbinder | SurePrep Professional Tax Automation Software


Standardized tax workpapers

SPbinder is SurePrep's award-winning workpaper system that maximizes profitability and leverage by reducing reviewer time. Workpapers are automatically organized into a standardized index that follows the flow of the tax return and can include PDF, Excel, Word & Email workpapers.

Robin Reviewer can view workpaper completion based on up to four levels of sign-offs across all file types. Tickmarks and annotations simplify workpaper review by documenting all work completed by the preparer. Cross-references allow Robin to drill down from an amount in one workpaper to its source in another, regardless of file type (PDF, Excel, Word & Email). Leadsheets facilitate a top-down review by enabling drill-down from tax return amounts to their underlying source documents.

SPbinder can be purchased stand-alone and it's included with all three versions of 1040SCAN.


Key Benefits

  • The most advanced tax workpaper system on the market
  • Supports PDF, Excel, Word and Email workpapers
  • Up to four levels of rights-based sign-offs
  • Customizable tickmarks and annotations can be used across all file types
  • Included with all three versions of 1040SCAN
  • Efficient review with hyperlinked cross-references across all file types
  • Open items, review notes and items for roll-forward
  • Optional leadsheets


SurePrep is humming this year. Thank you for a great product.

Blain Sanford, CPA, CEO Strategis CPAs & Consultants