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The most productive tax workpaper system available

SPbinder is SurePrep’s award-winning tax workpaper system that maximizes profitability and leverage by reducing reviewer time. Workpapers are automatically organized into a standardized index that follows the flow of the tax return and can include PDF, Excel, Word & Email workpapers.

SPbinder can be purchased standalone and it’s included with all versions of 1040SCAN.


Is SPbinder right for your firm?

Our easy fit assessment tool will determine whether SPbinder  is compatible with your tax software, firm structure, and goals. Answer 6 simple questions to instantly receive a personalized compatibility report. The assessment tool is a great, non-committal first step if you are curious about SurePrep solutions but still need more information. 

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Why is Digital 1040 Transformation Important for Your Firm and Clients?

Learn how other firms have successfully transformed their tax preparation process with SurePrep’s solutions.


The SPbinder Advantage

Give your team the advantage of automatic standardization

Four levels of sign-offs

Robin Reviewer can view workpaper completion based on up to four levels of sign-offs across all file types – PDF, Excel, Word & Email.

SPbinder sign-offs for 1040 Tax reviewers

Hyper-linked cross-references

Cross-references allow Robin to drill down from an amount in one workpaper to its source in another, regardless of file type – PDF, Excel, Word & Email.

SPbinder Cross-Reference

Tickmarks and annotations

Tickmarks and annotations simplify workpaper review by documenting all work completed by the preparer.

SPbinder features - tickmarks for 1040 tax reviewers

"We reduced the time spent bookmarking and organizing tax workpapers, improved our tax return preparation efficiency, increased our tax return review efficiency, and reduced our reliance on paper"

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1040 tax workpapers with the CPA Leverage Model

How SPbinder facilitates the leverage model for CPA firms

Think back to your days as a tax preparer. What workpaper preparation standards did you follow? Did you organize and index workpapers in a consistent manner? Did you use tickmarks and calculator tapes to show the work performed? Did you cross-reference amounts to show where they were coming from (or going to)?

You likely did these things because they increased the efficiency of the person reviewing your work. Reducing review time is the key to maximizing leverage and profits and SPbinder reduces review time better than any tax workpaper system on the market.

How is SPbinder different from Adobe Acrobat?

Many tasks that accountants need to perform like bookmarking and organizing workpapers, signing off workpapers, merging subsequent documents like a late K-1, communicating between staff members and incorporating file types such as Microsoft Word and Excel are time-consuming and difficult to do in Adobe Acrobat, if you can perform them in Acrobat at all. SPbinder performs these and many other accounting related tasks with ease.

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SPbinder Feature and Benefit Videos

Automated & Standardized Workpapers

SPbinder automatically creates a standardized workpaper index that follows the flow of the tax return.

Four Levels of Workpaper Sign-Offs

View workpaper completion based on up to four levels of sign-offs across all file types – PDF, Excel, Word & Email.

Tickmarks & Annotations

Allow preparers to document all work completed with standardized tickmarks and annotations for PDF, Excel, Word and Email workpapers.

Hyperlinked Cross-References

Cross-references allow reviewers to drill down from an amount in one workpaper to its source in another, regardless of file type.

Workpaper Notes

Track all open items and review notes in one central location. View all workpapers organized by note type or status.

OCR-Enabled Calculator

Click-drag-calculate. Extract and reference amounts directly from source documents. Paste the calculator tape with one click.


Drill down from the tax return to underlying source documents. Demystify the source of each amount!

What are your peers saying about SurePrep?

"SurePrep gets our client documents organized immediately and consistently. Along with reducing staff time it avoids any files languishing. SPbinder instantly gave us a standardized workpaper structure for all clients."
- Kitty Smith, Partner/Owner, Catherine R. Smith CPA, PC


Feedback collected by TechValidate, an independent 3rd party survey provider.

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Beasley, Mitchell & Co.

“It works fantastic. For what we need it to do, SurePrep does an absolutely amazing job and I just don’t see how we could go back to manually [preparing returns]” – Brad Beasley

For many years, Beasley, Mitchell & Co. had a proven, paper-based 1040 tax return preparation system in place. Eventually however, the firm reached a point where they decided it was time to make the leap into the digital age. Though Beasley, Mitchell & Co. were initially doubtful that an automated and paperless 1040 process could outdo the paper-based system they had spent years perfecting, switching to 1040SCAN PRO and SPbinder has helped them accomplish exactly that. They are now a faster, more efficient firm that’s better suited for the digital age.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of engagement types are appropriate for SPbinder?

SPbinder can be used on any engagement type, including 1040, 1041, 990, 1065, 1120, 1120S, and custom engagement types.

Is SPbinder integrated with 1040SCAN?

Yes. SPbinder is completely integrated with and included with all versions of 1040SCAN (1040SCAN ORGANIZE, 1040SCAN PRO, 1040SCANverify, and 1040SCANverify+).

Can I create custom binder templates in SPbinder?

Yes. SPbinder can be purchased independently of 1040SCAN for non-1040/1041 engagement types. Custom binder templates can be created to minimize set up time and to promote standardization.

What file types can I save in SPbinder?

SPbinder can contain scanned documents, PDF files, Excel schedules, Word documents and even Outlook emails.

Professional Tax Automation Webinar by SurePrep

A Statistical Analysis of Firms Who Leverage Technology to Increase 1040 Tax Prep Profitability

In this session, we’ll look at statistical data to prove how technology-driven firms are reducing costs and increasing margins in their 1040 tax practices. We’ll demonstrate some of the ways you can use technology to drive savings to your CPA firm’s bottom line, including:

• Eliminating human verification for native PDFs
• Cutting review time in half so those hours can be spent on high-value services
• Leveraging onshore and offshore resources to reduce costs
• Automating and streamlining 1040 client collaboration


1040 Tax Automation Whitepaper Maximize Review Efficiency with Leadsheets Cover Image

Maximize Review Efficiency with SPbinder’s Workpaper Leadsheets

SPbinder is the first and only tax workpaper software that fully transitions leadsheets into the digital age. That’s because SPbinder is a bespoke workpaper system designed specifically with tax professionals in mind. It allows users to track changes and cross-reference all file types, including PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and E-Mails—all the common formats for tax workpapers. This functionality not only makes leadsheets relevant again, but invaluable.


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