BKD’s Simply Tax Podcast: Tax Technology of the Future

BKD CPAs and Advisors’ Simply Tax Podcast #39: Tax Technology of the Future with SurePrep CEO, Dave Wyle

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The prevalence and pace of technological advances can make the future a moving target for businesses and their owners. Successfully adapting and keeping up with these changes is a challenge facing many industries and the tax profession is no exception.

Host Damien Martin sits down with guest Dave Wyle to discuss advances affecting taxpayers and tax professionals, the skills needed to navigate the changes they bring about and ways to keep up with it all.

• Dave’s story and how it led him to develop accounting-related technology solutions @ 2:04
• How technology has advanced since Dave began working in the accounting industry @ 4:40
• Tax professionals should be excited about advances in technology @ 8:03
• Ways to keep up with changes in technology @ 10:52
• Advice for taxpayers on working with tax professionals that use technology @ 13:02
• The skills Dave has used to develop innovative solutions and manage change @ 16:18
• Predictions on technological advances over the next five years @ 20:44
• Dave’s advice to Damien on parenting @ 24:56

David Wyle is the president and CEO of SurePrep, a provider of tax productivity solutions to U.S. public accounting firms. Prior to founding SurePrep, Mr. Wyle founded and was CEO of ePace! Software, creator of the industry-leading paperless engagement program that was rebranded as ProSystem fx Engagement after it was purchased by CCH Incorporated in 2001. Prior to founding ePace! Software, Mr. Wyle was a CPA with the accounting firm Coopers & Lybrand.

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