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Taxpayer collaboration platforms overviewOn the market: Taxpayer collaboration platforms

On the market: Taxpayer collaboration platforms


Compatible tax software:CCH Axcess™ Tax, GoSystem Tax RS, Lacerte, and UltraTax CS
Scan-and-populate solution:1040SCAN, fully integrated
Workpaper management solution:SPbinder, fully integrated
Mobile app:Yes, for both taxpayers and tax professionals.
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Note: TaxCaddy is a full-spectrum 1040 taxpayer collaboration platform available as an app for iOS or Android, or in a desktop browser.

TaxCaddy can generate Custom DRLs based on proforma data in your tax software. It allows taxpayers to deliver documents via automatic Smart Links, manual upload, import from cloud storage solutions, or photo-scanning with mobile devices that automatically optimizes images for OCR readiness.

TaxCaddy includes IRS-compliant KBA e-signaturesa customizable questionnaire, a secure messaging centerinvoicingfinal return delivery, the ability to customize the platform with your firm’s branding, and an option to let clients pay state and federal taxes.

You can create binders and send documents for OCR and indexing directly from the TaxCaddy interface.

CCH Axcess Client Collaboration

Developer:CCH Axcess Client Collaboration
Compatible tax software:CCH Axcess Tax
Scan-and-populate solution:Information publicly available on the CCH Axcess Client Collaboration does not indicate any integration with CCH Prosystem fx Scan
Workpaper management solution:None integrated, but CCH PDFlyer is available to edit exported PDFs.
Mobile app:No.

Note: While CCH Axcess Client Collaboration offers a wide array of features, it is not well positioned as part of an end-to-end 1040 tax automation workflow, and does not offer a mobile option. We recommend reading our complete comparison or watching our comparison webinar.

Intuit E-Signatures

Compatible tax software:Lacerte, Intuit ProSeries, and Intuit ProConnect
Scan-and-populate solution:N/A
Workpaper management solution:N/A
Mobile app:No.

Note: Intuit E-Signatures is just that: a way to collect e-signatures. It serves one function very well, but is not a taxpayer collaboration platform. However, firms that are only ready for partial digitization enjoy the option to capture IRS-compliant KBA signatures through a third party. IRS-compliant KBA e-signatures are also available a la carte with TaxCaddy.

Based on information publicly available on the Intuit E-Signatures website as of April 2021.

Compatible tax software:Lacerte, Intuit ProSeries, and Intuit ProConnect
Scan-and-populate solution:None integrated.
Workpaper management solution:None integrated.
Mobile app:No.

Note: Intuit Link refers to itself as an online portal and is accessible via browser, but does not offer a mobile app. Link can generate document checklists based on proforma data from your tax software and provides clients with an interface where they can upload documents and answer questions. Questionnaire items and document requests are grouped together into one long list. Users can upload documents manually or import via sign-in to a third party. There is an option to attach messages to uploaded documents. There is no e-signature function, no invoicing function, no branding option, no tax payment option, and no tax automation workflow integration.

Based on information publicly available on the Intuit Link website as of April 2021.


Developer:Thomson Reuters
Compatible tax software:UltraTax CS
Scan-and-populate solution:Source Document Processing
Workpaper management solution:Workpapers CS
Mobile app:Yes, Onvio Documents and Onvio Client Center.

Note: Onvio is a time and billing, staff management, project management, and taxpayer collaboration platform rolled into one. It is designed to integrate with UltraTax CS for a cross-syncing experience; some features will not work without this integration.

The taxpayer collaboration side of Onvio enables document gathering through uploads, cloud storage solutions, or mobile camera (though taxpayers must manually optimize the photos themselves). Send your clients questionnaires (if integrated with UltraTax CS), request e-signatures (additional fees or licenses may be required), invoice your clients through Stripe integration, and customize the client portal with your brand colors.

Alongside taxpayer collaboration features, Onvio includes a full range of firm management features, including timesheets, due date tracking, staff task tracking, project budget tools, realization rate tracking, time and expenses, and various productivity reports.

Firms that already utilize other project management, task tracking, timesheet, budgeting, reporting, and staff management tools may not find room in their budget to double up on these features with Onvio. However, for firms with a blank slate that are looking for an all-in-one solution that integrates with UltraTax CS, Onvio is a good option.

Based on information publicly available on the Onvio Firm Management website as of April 2021.